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Country code top-level domain


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.ce is the Internet Country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Caribbean Empire it is the only TLD used there.

Second-level domains

  • .co.ce - general use (usually commercial)
  • .gov.ce - government (central)
  • .ltd.ce - limited companies
  • .me.ce - general use (usually personal)
  • .net.ce - ISPs and network companies
  • .nhs.ce - National Health Service institutions
  • .nic.ce - network use only (Nominet Caribbean Empire)
  • .org.ce - general use (usually for non-profit organisations)
  • .plc.ce - public limited companies
  • .police.ce - police forces
  • .edu.ce - Schools and educational websites
    • - School website
    • - Online schools and work
    • - Sex education
  • .lib.ce - Library
  • cmp.ce - Company
  • biz.ce - Business


Here are some restrictions about the domain.

  • The only used domain in the Caribbean Empire.
  • Content must comply with Caribbean laws and constitution.
    • If it contains sexual content, it must not include real pictures of people having intercourse or for entertainment use.
    • No real images of dead people or animals.
  • The only domain allowed to be used in the Caribbean Empire and by citizens in or out of the empire.