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It's about the Black Brant Scare of 1995 as the turning point. The Black Brant Scare involved the Russian Federation mistaking a Norwegian rocket carrying scientific instruments to study the northern light for a nuclear missile. The Russians were so connived that missile was a nuke that they gave Boris Yeltsin the Nuclear briefcase. Fortunately Yeltsin decided to not to launch a nuclear attack. Things could haven taken a turn for the worst if Yeltsin was drunk that day.

With the cold war technically over I believe that Russia would mainly target American missile launch sites and military. Russia would probably do some heavy bombing in France and the UK becuase they part of both Nato and the nuclear club. I Russia would only attack America Military bases in other coutries. China was part of the nuclear club but i am not sure if they would be nuked because they were not allied with Russia or America. Post doomdays I could see the nations of Europe given more power to the Eu then did in the otl, in the belief that cooperation would help team rebuild after WW3. I can also picture mass amounts of American refuges flooding into Canada and Mexico.

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