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The US Presidential election took place on November 3, 2020 between Democratic Entrepreneur of New York Andrew Yang and US Representative of Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard and Republican Supreme Court Justice Mike Huckabee and US Senator of Texas Ted Cruz. The Yang/Gabbard ticket defeated the Huckabee/Cruz ticket 325-213.

The main topics of the election were healthcare, college tuition costs, taxation, climate change, jobs, trade, and foreign policy.



After Elizabeth Warren's loss in 2016 primarily to her being viewed as too liberal, the Democratic Party thought they should have someone with the same progressive ideas she had but just not over the top liberal. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang was seen by many as a bold progressive outsider who could bring in liberals, moderates, and even some conservatives. Buttigieg kept flip flopping on everything and polices were identical to Howard Dean's old ones. Harris' history of corruption as the Attorney General of California caused her to drop to the bottom of the polls resulting in an eventual drop out. Klobuchar and Murphy were viewed as too centrist and weak.


Andrew Yang, Entrepreneur of New York Winner

Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

Kamala Harris, US Senator from California (withdrew and endorsed Buttigieg)

Amy Klobuchar, US Senator of Minnesota (withdrew and endorsed Yang)

Chris Murphy, US Senator of Connecticut (withdrew and endorsed Klobuchar, later Yang)

VP Shortlist:

Tulsi Gabbard, US Representative from Hawaii winner

Nina Turner, Chair of the Democratic National Committee

Paula Jean Swearengin, Social and Environmental activist

Keith Ellison, Attorney General of Minnesota

Joaquin Castro, US Representative from Texas


The Republican primaries were mixed with far right and center right candidates. Supreme Court Justice Mike Huckabee was seen as a strong conservative who could possibly take the White House. Rubio was often attacked for his flip flopping on issues and lobbying history. Kasich was seen as week and too centrist. Pence was viewed as too theocratic. Haley was seen as a warmonger through her career as President Palin's Secretary of the State. Although Huckabee was seen as a religious theocrat he still won due to his strong policies. He still lost due to many viewing him as too conservative and choosing Ted Cruz as his running mate who was also viewed by many as far right as him.


Mike Huckabee, Supreme Court Justice Winner

Marco Rubio, US Senator of Florida

John Kasich, former Governor of Ohio

Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana (withdrew and endorsed Huckabee)

Nikki Haley, Secretary of the State (withdrew and endorsed Rubio)

VP Shortlist:

Ted Cruz, US Senator from Texas winner

Ben Shapiro, Conservative Commenter

Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin

Tom Cotton, US Senator from Arkansas

Ben Sasse, US Senator from Nebraska