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The 2024 Presidential Election took place on November 5, 2024. The race was between Republican conservative radio commenter Ben Shapiro and Democratic US Senator of Arizona Ruben Gallego.

The main topics in this election were the Second Great Depression, the economy, social programs, spending, the electoral college, and divisiveness in the country. Shapiro's strong message on how Warren's policies have failed and divided America, his charisma, and persuasive voice attracted both moderate and conservative Republicans, moderate Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents causing his supporter base to be very large. Gallego was weak on many things especially on economic policy even though he was a moderate Democrat. Shapiro and his running mate Governor of Kentucky Rand Paul defeated Gallego and his running mate former Texas Representative Beto O'Rourke.



Due to Rubio's loss in 2020 due to his past of lobbying, voting record, and policies similar to Romney's, the Republicans decided they should have a more conservative Republican or a Libertarian Republican as the nominee for a change. The field was mostly filed with Libertarian Republicans and most moderate and old Republicans chose not to run.

Ben Shapiro, Conservative Commenter (Winner)

Justin Amash, US Senator of Michigan

Thomas Massie, US Senator of Kentucky

Ted Cruz, Governor of Texas (withdrew and endorsed Shapiro)

Ben Carson, retired surgeon (withdrew and endorsed Shapiro)


Due to the Second Great Depression many Democrats decided not to run. The Democrats decided that a non leftist should be the nominee. Many moderate Democrats ran while most liberal Democrats decided not to run. Vice President Brown declined to run because of his age and health problems.

Ruben Gallego, US Senator of Arizona

Chris Murphy, US Senator of Connecticut

Amy Klobuchar, US Senator of Minnesota

Cory Booker, US Senator of New Jersey