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The 2024 Presidential Election was held on November 5, 2024. This was the first election where more that two parties debated on stage and were counted towards the electoral college. The election was between the Social Democratic ticket of President Tulsi Gabbard and Vice-President Andrew Yang, the Libertarian ticket of US Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse and Governor of Kentucky Rand Paul, the Democratic Ticket of US Senator of Connecticut Chris Murphy and US Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker, and the Republican Ticket of former US Senator of Iowa and Secretary of Defense Joni Ernst and former US Representative of Arizona and Secretary of Veteran Affairs Martha McSally.

The main topics of the election were the public option healthcare act, 4 year college tuition, student debt, homelessness, housing, and childcare. With Gabbards popularity with the American people from every political party, Sasse's policies being too radical, Murphy being weak on many things (especially economic and foreign policy), and Ernst having no charisma, Gabbard easily won re-election in another landslide.


Social Democratic:

Tulsi Gabbard, President of the United States


Ben Sasse, US Senator of Nebraska Winner

Justin Amash, US Senator of Michigan

Adam Kokesh, US Representative of New Mexico


Chris Murphy, US Senator of Connecticut, Winner

Ruben Gallego, US Senator of Arizona

Tim Kaine, US Senator of Virginia

Chelsea Clinton, US Representative of New York


Joni Ernst, former US Senator of Iowa and Secretary of Defense

Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida

Michael Wilton, Businessman from Nevada