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The 2028 Presidential Election took place on November 4, 2028 between the Libertarian ticket of Governor of California Ben Shapiro and US Senator of Michigan Justin Amash, the Democratic Ticket of former US Senator of Minnesota Amy Klobuchar and Governor of Maryland John Delaney, the Republican ticket of former Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp and former Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, and the Social Democratic ticket of US Senator of New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and US Senator of California Ro Khanna.

The main topics of the election were the economy, the Medicare for all act, the College for all act, taxation, trade, and spending. Shapiro would win in a landslide due to his charisma, the economic crisis, and his policies that were liked by most Americans. Klobuchar's policies were seen as setback to President Gabbard's first term policies. Kemp mostly talked about social policy and himself rather that the economy and other important things. Ocasio-Cortez was seen as way too radical who's policies would lead America into a second great recession then a second great depression.

Since Ben Sasse lost in 2024, many Libertarians were hoping there platform would become popular by 2028 and was since 2026. This time a lot of Libertarian politicians and businesspeople ran for President. With the Libertarian and Social Democratic parties becoming popular the Republican and Democratic parties started to decline in registered voters.




Ben Shapiro, Governor of California Winner

Larry Sharpe, Lieutenant Governor of New Amsterdam

Laura Ebke, Legislator of Nebraska

Jim Babka, Journalist from Ohio

NIcholas Sarwark, US Senator of Maryland

Candace Cameron Bure, actress and author (withdrew and endorsed Shapiro)

Candace Owens, commenter and political activist (withdrew and endorsed Shapiro)



Amy Klobuchar, former US Senator of Minnesota Winner

Joaquin Castro, US Senator of Texas

Kyrsten Sinema, Governor of Arizona



Brian Kemp, former Governor of Georgia Winner

Marsha Blackburn, former US Senator of Tennessee

Ron DeSantis, former Governor of Florida

Social Democratic:


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US Senator of New York Winner

Kyle Kulinksi, former US Representative of New York

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor

Jason Kander, Secretary of State

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