The 2032 Presidential election was held on November 9, 2032. The election was between the Libertarian ticket of US Senator of California Benjamin Shapiro and US Senator of Michigan Justin Amash, the Social Democratic ticket of President Ruben Gallego and Vice-President Conor Lamb, the Democratic Ticket of billionaire and environmental activist Tom Steyer and CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk, and the Republican ticket of evangelist William Graham and US Representative from Oklahoma Timothy Burdick.

The main topics of the election were World War III, trade, relations with Australia and India, immigration, the economy, and the military.

The economy was going in a bad direction resulting in the financial crash of 2030 in which President Gallego was widely blamed for with government overspending. His approval ratings went down big time because of this and his weakness as a leader to improve the economy and other policy failures. US Senator of California Ben Shapiro was popular from all sides of the political spectrum resulting him in winning in a landslide.

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