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Time line

What if Edward VIII had not refused the crown? What would have happened to his niece Elizabeth?

  • In 1936 Edward VIII chose the crown over Wallis Simpson.
  • In 1939 War broke out. Edward remained neutral.
  • In 1941 Edward had a son Albert Edward.
  • In 1945 War ended. The daughter of Albert Duke of York (Edward's brother) Elizabeth married Prince Phillip Mountbatten of Greece. He is made Duke of Edinburgh.
  • In 1948 Elizabeth has a child: Sir Charles Mountbatten. .
  • In 1952, The Duke of York died, making Elizabeth not only Duchess of Edinburgh and Princess of Greece, but the 2nd Duchess of York.
  • In 1972, Edward dies leaving his son Albert Edward, as King Edward IX.
  • In 1982 her grandson William is born.
  • In 2013 her great-grandson George is born.
  • 2021, Phillip dies at 100.
  • In 2028, Elizabeth dies at 102.
  • Sir Charles becomes the 3rd Duke of York, 2nd Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince of Greece and England.
  • 2030: Charles dies. William Mountbatten becomes 4th Duke of York, 3rd Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Greece and England.
  • In 2068, William dies. George Mountbatten, his son becomes 5th Duke of York, 4th Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince of Greece and Ireland. The King of England is now King Edward X. (Edward X is George's Second Cousin twice removed).

Relationships of Elizabeth, 2nd Duchess of York, Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess of Greece and England

Prince Phillip of Greece, Duke of Edinbourough spouse 1945
Edward VIII uncle 1926
The Prince Albert, 1st Duke of York father 1926
Sir (Prince) Charles Mountbatten son 1948
Edward IX cousin 1950
William Mountbatten grandson 1982
Harry Mountbatten grandson
George Mountbatten great-grandson 2013
Charlotte Mountbatten great-granddaughter 2015
Shona Mountbatten great-granddaughter 2017