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Albert Arnold (AL) Gore Jr was the last Vice President of the USA an. He surrived the destoryed of whashington DC with  Bill cliton the presidental cabient and other imporant meambers of the whitehouse by shetlering in a bunker under the whitehouse. After  ham radio contact was made with  the Raven Rock complex  Gore and the others went on a terracous journty  to the base. President Clinton didn't make it to Raven Rock so gore Became the first Presdient of the american proveinal Goverment

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Al Gore was born in D.C the son of Sentor Al Gore SR of Tennesce. He married Mary Elizabeth "Tipper" Aitcheson in 1970. Gore attended Havarrad were he  majored in Goverment . After graduting form Havarrd Gore served in the Millatry untill 1971. After being honorably discharged He attend law at vanderblit univeristy. He was ecleted to US Sente in  1976. During his time in senate he became know for his support of the enviorment. He became Bill clintons vice president in 1992


Al Gore surrvied doomday by shetlering with the president and  and other meambers of the Clinton Admination in the  presidental bunker.  after days they recieved  contact with the  US millatry emmergancey commatitons center at the Raven Complex. The clinton amdimatnion then made a perlious  journey to raven. Clinton didnot surrvie the trip and Gore was sworne in as presdient. Gore then  decalred marital law and  started orginzing an  american provesnal goverment. 3 month  after ariving at  Raven Rock Gore had troops had been gathering ar raven rock   start   quenching the ancary in  the suruding area. Gore keep order with a firm but fair hand  and charmisic speaches of working togethor to rebuild their great nation. By march 2000  most of pensyvala  delware and maryland  as well as parts of  ohio  virgina and west virginahad be stablized.  In june 2000 Gore moved the captial of the american porvenial goverment to Phiiladepia. In 2005  matiral law was liffed in the states of new jersey  maryland  deleware pennsyavania , vandialia (a new state made up of most of west virgina northern virgina and  southwest ohio)and Nigigra( formerly western newyork)Gore won the eceltion of  2006. Gore presidency was marked by  envorimetnal procetion infrasture repair and promation of green techongly. Conect with eurpue was made in 2009.  An ambasdor  from the Urals Union  reaveld that ww3 was the reslut of a flase alarm  on the part of Russia and says that the Urals Union excepts full blame.. Although Gore still held hard feelings towards Russia he accepted the apolige and made semi halfheart  speaches urging american to for to foregive russia. Gore barely  won recletion .  Some people say this was because eveen though gore had ruled wisely, they  feelt uncormafle with the idead of a leader staying in power for 18 years.The forgive  russia comment   is also belived to have harmed gore.Some people assued gore of rigging the ecletion. Gore responed by  pointing out that the republican gained a super majirty in the senate  and a slim majoity of seats in the sentate.  After fhishing his second term  Gore stop actily parcpiting in  poltics and spent the rest of his days mainly writing books on envoirmelism and novels.