Alnwick, England (1980's chaos)

In 1984 the English town of Alnwick was taken over by organized crime syndicate known as the emerald arm. They were radical Irish independence movement, they controlled a large chunk of the UK and Northern Ireland in the 1990s and 2000. They completely control the city of Alnwick and use the legendary poison garden to provide themselves with deadly poisons for bio weapons and terrorist attacks. In 1986 they established they established a major drugs and poison market in the former Alnwick Castle which was converted into a drug lab by 1987. They trashed the castle at all the beautiful gardens were converted into drug firms. They also sold and export poisons to terrorist groups all across the world. The city was completely controlled by organized crime until 2003 when the government of the UK reestablish contact with the people of this region. All the poison guards were dismantled and the castle was restored beginning in 2019.

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