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Creating a Scenario

  • It is recommended to write future scenarios based on your article on the Alternate History Wiki, though this is not required to write a scenario here.
  • It must be alternate future history. No OTL future history or alternate history allowed.
  • You must name the page with a time line. Examples are Timeline: Page or Page (Timeline).

Open and closed pages

Open pages

  • Open pages are pages that are open to be adopted. Anyone can make major edits, but that doesn't mean they can vandalize (this also includes writing information irrelevant to the title).
  • Some open pages are open for adoption, meaning a vote takes place to be claimed by someone else, but others are not.

Closed pages

  • Closed pages are pages that no one except the authors or other people with the author's permission can make major edits the page.
  • If allowed, it is excusable to make minor edits (grammar, spelling, reverting vandalism, etc.).
  • Pages under construction are also closed pages, except if it has the open for adoption template.
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