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This is where users can report any activty that is against our rules to the administrators and bureaucrats. To report pages, rather add {{Delete}} on top of an unwanted page and it will be added to Category:Candidates for deletion. Visit our deletion policy for more information


Only administrators may edit this section.

  • Report activity against our rules (e.g..vandalism, offensive language use, editing closed articles without permission, admins abusing their powers, etc. See more here )
  • You must write the suspects user name or IP address, the page the user vandalized or spammed and the complaint. Use this template {{UserAdvanced|add user name|add reason}} for an easier report, which looks like this, Example (talkcontribsblogdeleted contribsblocklogsuploadsuser rights) - Misconduct. Please don't use {{User}}, as it will not give enough access to the suspect's information and history.
  • The report must be honest. We will go to the suspect's contributions. If your report is intentionally false, you may be warned or blocked for up to a week.
  • If you see Keep Report Completed - (under the template {{ReportCompleted}}, signed with the admin's name that has blocked or warned the user and the user's penalty), it means that the complaint has been completed and the suspect is blocked.
  • If you see Delete Report Failed - (under the template {{ReportFailed}}, signed with the admin's name that has decided to blocked or warned the user and the user's penalty), it means that the complaint has been closed and the contributor is not blocked.
  • It is optional that you also re-write you recent report on the report template in which will appear on the Main Page.
  • If you believe this block is unfair or that there has been a mistake, you may explain yourself by replying on unfair penalties section.
  • You can also report an admin here for an instant demotion if he or she is abusing his or her rights or breaking the rules if you want them to be instantly demoted.
    • If you think an admin is irresponsible and/or lazy as an admin, and still want him or her to be demoted, write it here.
  • To see users blocked for a year or more, visit the Wall of Shame
  • Since we can't demote abusive brasses (bureaucrats), you will have to contact Wikia if you see such abuse.


Unfair penalties

Be sure that you re-write the user on this page

Forgiveness Request

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