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You may have heard of alternate history, events in the past and present that went different at a certain point in history as you can see on the Alternate History Wiki or future history, possible histories in the future contributed by the OTL present as you can see on the Future Wiki. Alternate future history is a timeline of history that went different form our time line (OTL) and it reached out into the future. A point of change in the past that caused great differences in later events from the events in OTL is called point of divergence (POD).

An alternative future differs from alternative history in that alternative history usually speculates on what might have happened in the past if some events in the past had occurred differently, while an alternative future usually speculates on what might happen in the future in that ATL. Also, alternative histories commonly forgot time travel, while alternative futures do not.

Also, alternate future differs from OTL future history. An alternative future story is specifically set in an alternative timeline, that is, one that, within the context of the story, does not come about to pass.

Understanding ATL

An alternate timeline are timelines that went different form the events form our timeline. What causes these great differences from OTL history is a point of divergence, the first event that went different from OTL that can cause big differences later on in history. Every thing that happen in the ATL before the POD happen on the OTL as well. For example, the 9/11 terrorist attack happen in OTL, but the POD in the ATL would be the time the event happen if the planes didn't hit the building. This would cause a great change later on in history however, everything stayed the same in both timelines before the POD. The branches of events that can arise after the POD is called the many-worlds interpretation.

From ATL past to the future

Not only an POD can affect the ATL past and preset, but also the future of the timeline. A different past occurrence can influence the present, and the present can influence the future. So the past also influences the future and beyond.

Elements of a alternate future history

Alternate future histories must have:

  • A point of divergence (POD)
  • ATL events after the present of our own timeline
    • If it's outdated, it doesn't matter as time and future are infinite

Alternate future histories don't have to:

  • Be of a famous person
  • Occurencs of personal or worldly changes
  • Doesn't have to be of a powerful nation

Alternate future histories must not be:

  • ATL history in or prior to the present (alternate history)
  • Based completely on OTL history (future history)
    • Can be influenced by OTL history prior to the POD.


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