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The American house of Parliament

Congress became known as the American house of Parliament after the end of the second American Civil War. During this time the Republican system of the United States was replaced with a parliamentary system which was much more liberal. In 2059 the American Congress officially became known as the American house of Parliament. The American Parliament buildings were built on the site of the capital building which was destroyed in a drone attack in 2052 right before the second American Civil War.

Late history

Eventually, the American Parliament collapse along with the rest of the US government in 2400. The Washington DC area following this became a mega-city that was occupied from the 25th century to the 53rd century when the area was eventually abandoned due to the Ice Age. During this Ice Age, the ruins of the American Parliament buildings were completely destroyed by snowfall. Eventually, the site of the American Parliament  buildings are turned into the new American Museum of pre-Ice Age history which was built in the new American Federation of a new nation which emerged in the 93rd century