Antiquity industries (Second Amendment Civil War)

Antiquity industries

This was a multinational company that was founded shortly after the American Civil War in order to protect museums and historical sites from distraction during the war. However, this company's true name was to buy up museums and historical sites to make them private attractions to entertain the wealthy elite of both sides of the war. This company privatizes museums and historical sites cutting them off the public. The company was also a war profiteer and sold weapons to both sides. The company also sold arms to the Republic of Dubai and new Arabia. The CEO of the company Richard Blackheart was also sentenced to life in prison in the LA war crimes trials. The company was officially disbanded and made illegal by the American Parliament shortly after the end of the Civil War. All their acquisitions also became public and free of charge. It also led to the creation of the American Renaissance.

Controversy, war crimes and experimentation

antiquity industries presented itself as the preserver of art and culture however it was a front for a company to produce biological weapons including anthrax bombs, laser-guided drones,  antiquity virus, and plastic explosives. The company sold weapons to the patriotic Confederacy which use these weapons to attack Washington DC Los Angeles and Detroit. This organization also carried out the anthrax bombing which devastated the Brazilian Parliament. Richard Blackheart the CEO directly carried out this attack. The company used this bombing to test out their biological weapon. This company also sold arms to new Arabia and the Republic of Dubai. They also heavily invested in the Republican Party. When their ties to organized crime and war profiteering were revealed the Republican Party never covered from the scandal and was replaced by the new parliamentary party in 2063.


antiquity industries were eventually completely dissolved and the company has to pay billions of dollars in compensation to the people of Brazil the American Parliament and the people of the Middle East. The company also became known as the evilest company in the 21st century because of  outsider involvement in all the atrocities of the second American Civil War, the conquest of Yemen and Oman by new Arabia and countless attacks. An act quickly industries Memorial fund was also established in 2085 to provide compensation for the victims of these devastating terrorist attacks that majorly affected the world to provide compensation for the victims of these devastating terrorist attacks that majorly affected the world

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