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  • April: The first person died of a mutated version of the H1N1 Flu Virus.
  • May: The Isle of Man closes it borders.
  • June: Hospitals are so crowded with the sick that tent cities are built to house all of the dying. In the US the Ted Kennedy Universal Healthcare Act is amended into a single payer system when insurance companies begin to deny people their claims in the millions or fold by trying to pay for those claims. Some Isolated island states like the Falklands, Nauru and Fiji, as well as the mountain Kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan quickly close thire borders.
  • July: Many countries have closed their borders and shut down all trade to keep the Boar Flu from spreading. In India, floods of refugees cross the boarder into Pakistan to escape the plague. A brief nuclear exchange wipes both countries out. North Korea invades South Korea for medical supplies.
  • August: 50% of humanity had died due to Boar Flu. As hospitals shut down, literally being flooded with the dying and dead, a mere lack of sanitation escalated the crisis. Dissentary being to break out as local water sources cannot handle the waste generated by the sick and dying. Most nations begin handing out bottled water and instituting massive quarentine programs. Graveyards are closed as only mass graves and funeral piers can handle the surge of dead bodies. By this point civil servants (police officers, fireman, military officers, etc.) are largely understaffed due to their much more frequent exposure to the infected, leaving many major cities in total anarchy. Looting breaks out globally as many who find themselves immune or simply not yet infected begin to stock up on supplies as major utilities begging to shut down and food production collapses.


  • January: Every member of both the British and Irish governments have fallen to the plague with the exception of two British MPs.
  • February: Most of the US Congress has finally died of the plague. President Obama and the Joint Chiefs remain secure in Cheyenne Mountain. Globally many are dying in the northern regions of the world due to the collapse of heating infrastructure and electricity.
  • May: Most of the world's jails and prisons have finally opened as the immune sneak their way out with the dead.
  • October: Worldwide the number of cases of Boar Flu have dropped to 1% of their origional levels. Many assume that their are simply not enough people left alive that are not immune.
  • Some Isolated island states like the Falklands, Nauru and Fiji, as well as the mountain Kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan survived untouched because their extreme isolation and quickly closed borders. 


  • March: 90% of the world's population had died, the 10% left over being what was left of those who were immune to the plague, and had not yet died due to starvation or other problems.
  • April: The Royal Navy arrives at Man.
  • May: Manx scientists succeed in creating a vaccine for the Flu.
  • June: A number of refugees begin to speak of a group providing shelter, food, and trade in what is left of downtown Seattle.


  • January:Republic of Niagara Falls is founded.
  • November:The US and Canadian provional administrations agree to a joint administration of Cheyenne Mountain.
  • December: Emile Ouamoundo, a 2-years-old child in the remnants of Guinea, was thought to be the first case in the West African Ebola Epidemic.


  • January-November: Seattle retrofits is Ohio class submarines to carry traditional missiles as well as nuclear ones.
  • May 1st: Republic of Man makes contact with Seattle. The two nations begin a stable trade after securing the Panama Canal Zone, which Seattle and the Manx co-administer. Seattle is the Republic's chief supplier of aircraft and ammunition while the Republic trades Vat Grown meat and assists with securing territory.
  • May 23th: 2 suspected cases was reported in the remnants of Liberia.
  • May 24th: Médecins San Frontières established an isolation center in Guekedou Province.


  • A major earthquake batters Osaka in the Empire of Central Japan, killing 26, injuring 36 and making 12,000 homeless.

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New Nations

  • Seattle City State (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Republic of Niagara Falls (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Empire of Central Japan (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Republic of the Falkland Isles and South Georgia (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Seattle.

Surviving Nations

  • Republic of the Isle of Man (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Provisional American Administration (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Kingdom of Bhutan (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Kingdom of Nepal (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Republic of the Fiji (Apocalypse Yours)
  • Republic of the Nauru (Apocalypse Yours)