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Aqua  a tech company which specializes in other water-based communication technologies that are targeted to a aquatic humanoids who spend much of their lives in water.  the company was founded by Francisco Rodriguez in 2055. This was the first tech company to specifically market to aquatic humanoids. Up until the founding of this company aquatic humanoids did not have much access to high-quality waterproof technology. The company first introduced the first waterproof underwater computer in 2057 followed by the first underwater cell phone in 2063. They follow this up by underwater Wi-Fi 2062. The company also founded the social networking site  also known as Aqua this was the first social media site specifically targeted to a aquatic humanoid individuals. This tech company insured that aquatic humanoids have the same access to modern technology that humans and the undead had. Francisco Rodriguez is also a major advocate for aquatic humanoid civil rights and the first aquatic humanoid  CEO.

Corporate controversy

During the investigation of H.P. Lovecraft's murder on March 13, 2077 it was revealed that the terrorist who planned the attack Antoine breathnach was a member of the Board of Directors of the Aqua Corporation. This led to a major investigation and the company ended to pay $100 billion in damages to the state of Rhode Island, HP Lovecraft's family and the undead human rights Council. The company shares plummeted leading to them declaring bankruptcy in 2083. This attack in controversy also led to a series of hate crimes against aquatic humanoids in the United States and the independent North American republics. The company face financial collapse in 2093 however they were then acquired by the Lucifer Corporation in 2100. The company has been fairly successful since then but is still not recovered from the murder of H.P. Lovecraft.

Corporate headquarters

Up until 2083 the headquarters of Aqua was in Brasilia in the new Republic of Brazil. however in 2092 corporate headquarters was blown up by right-wing extremist simply known as vigilante. Very little is known about him and his remains were destroyed in the bombing.  Who managed to hide his identity known as ever known his true identity. Following this Attack and subsequent purchase of Aqua the corporate headquarters was moved to Lucifer city formerly Reykjavík, in the Republic of Scandinavia

End of Aqua

The Lucifer company discontinued Aqua brand in 2120 because it can keep increasing public outrage of the buying the company was connected to terrorism. Despite the collapse of the Aqua brand the technology that the company created is still use all over the world.