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The Taino Federation
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional chancellery
Language Arawakan
Establishment 2020's-2030's
Capital city Marién
Largest city
Other major settlements
Population 7,500,000
Religion Taino religion


The Taino Federation is a federation that controls OTL Florida, the Caribbean Islands and Northern South America.


The Quisqueyan King wanted the Taino states to be unified. He turned from a king to a president and asked other nations to join. These nations unified to what is known as the Taino Federation.

As the Aztec Empire is getting more powerful, the federation on faces serious threat. The Aztec, who are to desperate to claim the island of Cubanakan since medieval times, attacks the island. The Tainos then fight back the nation and the Yucatan peninsula is forced into the federation.

Government and politics

The Taino Federation is a democracy. It is run by a chancellor in the executive order. A chancellor's term lasts about four years and is elected by the citizens.

Then we have the parliament, which consists of caciques or chiefs representing each province in the federation.

Foreign Relations

The Taino Federation has relations with the Mexica Empire. In its history, Mexica had a series of wars in control of Cubanakan and the total control of the Taino archipelago. Mexica Empire had economic spheres of influence over the Taino Federation, supplying it with money. It also had economic influence by Europe, in which engaged with trade since the time the Spaniards discovered it. It is one of the founders of the of the Talteca Union and the UN.


The Taino Federation has an army and a navy. Soldiers will dress in their traditional forms with modern weapons from Europe. Navy ships

Political division

The Taino Federation has about 64 provinces. Each province is controlled by a chief. They have rights for governing at some degree, but can't secede from the federation.