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21st century and 22nd century

In the late 21st century Australia experienced a series of devastating. In the summer of 2089 Australia experienced the worst wildfire season in its history. In the A lot also plagued the region beginning in the 2070s. This led to many environmental refugees fleeing the country. Most of them immigrated to England, the Republic of South Africa and Iceland.

The 23rd century

in the 23rd century the Australian environmental reclamation project began. The goal of this project was to make Australia more environmentally friendly. The 2324 water desalination was introduced to the country providing more water resources for Australia. A series of agricultural domes and vertical farms were also installed all across the country beginning in 2328. By the end of the 24th century Australia was 100% environmentally sustainable. This led to record numbers of immigrants and legend Australia becoming a world power in the 24th and 25th centuries.

The 29th century

The 29th century the east coast of Australia was a giant mega-city that was one of the world powers of the region. Alice Springs also became a major mega-city by 2825. The 29th century Australia wasn't entirely environmentally sustainable.  these megacities were also the most sustainable cities in the 29th century.