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Österreichisch-Deutsche Demokratische Republik
Austro-German Democratic Republic
Austro-German Democratic Republic Flag.jpg

The Austro-German Democratic Republic just after reunification.

Population 90,200,000 (2013 Census)
Government Single-Party Marxist-Leninist State
Languages German (Official)             Sorbian (Minority)
Capitals Berlin and Vienna
Establishment October 3, 1990 (Unification)
Currency Deutsche Mark

Austria-Germany, officially the Austro-German Democratic Republic, is a Socialist State located in West-Central Europe. It has a dual capital, Berlin and Vienna, though Berlin remains the nation's largest city. With 90.2 Million inhabitants, the AGDR remains the third most populated country within the Warsaw Pact, coming second to the Soviet Union with 310 million and third to China with 1.1 billion, and the second most populous within the European Continent, coming second again to the Soviet Union. The Area the AGDR covers is 431,876.971 square kilometres.