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The Federation of Azania is a republic in southern Africa.It was found in 2011 when South Africa federated with Botswan Lesthoto Saziland and Nambia It is the largest and most powerful nation in Africa


Post Doomsday

The people of South Africa were at first shocked that a nuclear exchange could have happened after the end of the Cold War. Shorlty after doomsday, President Nelson Mandela urged the people of South Africa to believe that now more then ever they needed to band together to achieve a bright future. However in early April, a group of Boer nationalists broke into the South African broadcasting company studios and made an acooment say that doomsday was God's way of say that he was angry at South Africa for capluating to black. The nationalists also urged all Boers to take up arms and over though the ANC. Although only 40% of South African Boer population agreed with the message, it led to a series of riots all over South Africa. The last riot ended in late July.

Post Boer riots

After the riots were quelled, several ANC potations start talking about taking revenge on the Boers. Nelson Mandela said that he believed that Boers should be punished for the riots but that he felt that the ANC should be merciful since it was only a small portion of the Boers participated in the riot. The anit-Boer measures pasted by the ANC were harsher than Mandela would have liked but it could have been worse. Most Bores were forced to pay higher taxes than other people. Some boers didn't have pay the extra taxes if they had a record of anti-apartheid activity, or did enough community service like donating to food or training black  in professions, like doctors, lawyers engineers, business and farm managers or skilled factory laborer. With the exception of taxes and inheritance laws the ANC didn't forcibly redistribute Boer property. Also non-Boer whites were exempt form redistricted measures. Boers were also forced to give up at least half of their inheritance to the goverment.The ANC also launched a campaign to censor out Boer propaganda form the media and the education system. Afrikaans was striped of it  recognition as official langue and became only a recognized language. The language was exposed form the eduation process in schools, TV and radio. It was still legal to print Afrikaans language newspapers, show films in Afrikaans at theaters and speak the language. Despite the revange measure  taken by the ANC  some blacks felt that the ANC was too soft on the Boers. A lot black gangs would  merciless attack boers. The government firmly clamped down on these attacks much to the Boers' surprise.   

Late 1990's and Early 2000's

After doomsday Nelson Mandela made great efforts to promote cooperation.  By the early 200's thier talk about Federating with thier neighbor. Relations with most of thier neiborgs were good but relations with Zimbabwean and to a lesser exent Mozambique and Angola started to decline. In the aftermath of doomsday Robert Mugabe started to become very brash in the absence of international observers. He had robbed all the whites of thier land and gave most it to his inner circles and the rest to some of his lesser supportors. He also launed a campagin of harsment and violence aginst the whites of Zimbawe. By 2002 all of  Zimabwe whites were either in a concetion  camp on an island in the Zambezi river, dead or had fled the country. Mugabe also brutally oppressed anyone who opposed his agenda. By 2002  Zimabwean population was reduced to a litlte over 8 million. Also Muagabe's striping of  the land to make a quite profit ruined a lot of farmland and lead to famine and the economy to collapse. Muabgabe blame the economic woes of Zimbabwe on South Africa. He called the ANC about of Boer Puppets despite the fact they taken moderate anti Boer measure. He also called South Afirca attempts at federating to be sheer imperialism

Beside poor relations with Zimbabwe, South Africa was also facing a mass AIDS crisis. South Africa was also facing economic woes due to the a loss of international trade. However the people of South Africa believed that the government had prevented things form being as bad as they could have been.

Southern African War

Nelson mandal's Thabo Mbeki was reluctant  to  mess with Zimbabwe during his first term and  only made a few minor negative comments about Mugabe. During his second term , the situation in Zimbabwe had  gotten so bad that Mebiki  started becoming more Vocal. In late 2005 South Africa started selling guns to a small but modestly orgized Zimabewean. Mugabe delcared this to be an an imperlistic attack on Zimabewe so he declared war on   South afica. Mozambuige and Angola  allied with Zimbabwe while Botswana Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland  joined a collation with South Africa.Mugabe mostly focused on fighting zimabea rebeals and southern african troops in his terroity but he also launched an invasion botswana. Mugabe critis said that the invison of botswan was sheer imperilism. Mugabe tried to downplay his enimeis hyposuty card by claimign that he was libelriting Botswan  form a westenr neo colisntist goverment. The war lasted until earlt 2009. Soth Afica with its superior milatyr capblites  won. Mugabe was sentce to life in priosn and died in 2012. A transinal Zimabewen goverment  led by Morgan Tsvangira. The goverments of Mozambuige and Angola stayed in power but  they they had to under millatry and eccomic concsitons.The  war  brought south afica and it allies closer and thye federate as the  Anazanian  Federation


During this period the ANC domantied poltics on the federal but they had a less firm grip on the provincial level.Zimbabwe was in a state of near ruin after the end of the Southern African War. It was heavily dependent on aid from South Africa. In  2015 the government of Zimbabwe held a referendum on Joining Anzania. It passed with 59% of the vote. Supports of Robert mugabe tired to stire feeling discont towards the Anc by  painting theam as being too soft on white. For the most part the mugabe supports failed to dammage the people of Anzaia  support the ANC but they did mange to start a few small riots Regualar cotact with South and Centeral Amerrica wasn establishe in 2011 while coantcat with Auusital was made in 2014 and coact with Europe in 2021.In 2024 an pro-business American repicalicna like party called the Adgada for National Prospeityl.They won  5 seats in ecletion of 2024  In 2025 asuccessor to the UN called the Global  Collation was fond and Azania became a permanent member of it security council. In 2027 Azania had signed the first of sevearl trade deals with the East African Federation.2028 the ANC merge with the Movment for demcartic change the botswana National Front. After the ecletion of  2029 former meamber of the Movement  for Democratic Change Nelson Chanaima was named President of Azania by the  ANC


After the southern African war the  governments of Angola and Mozambique were anit Azania. booth governments start to lose support and were overthrown and replace  by pro Azania goverment by 2023. The new governments of Anogla and Mozamabugie joined Azania in 2031.   Zambia and Malwia seeing  the benifs of joing azania united with it in 2033.During the 2030's some activists started calling Azania a dictatorship because the ANC had neaver  left power. In 2036 Adcock Ingram manged to make a revolutionary drug cocktail that  help aid viticims alot However,  most people felt that Azania was a democracy because the election were fair and the ANC didn't suppress freedom or political opposition. Also the  ANC had been losing seats in parliament since  2029. During 2043 several members of the ANC left to form their own party. This allow a  collation led by the ANP to   defeat the ANC in the election of 2044.  This caused a few radical African  nationlist to accuse the anp of being pro The ANP removed the special Boer taxes.The collation government polices were on business deregulation, Free international trade and low corporate taxes.In 2045 Aspenphamcare devolped the cure for AIDS.In 2046 Azania sent troops to aid the East african Federation against the union of Kitara (aka the the Uganda Rwanda Empire ) In 2049 all meambers of the ANP collation with the execption of the  Democratic Movement for Change and the Azania democratic party mergerd with ANP.


The ANP won the the 2054 without neeeding to form a collation. In 2060 world's fair was held in CapTown..After the ecletion of 59 the ANP goverment started becoming  labot uion


Due to controversial tax reform and  a few scandals a ANP lost the election of 2074 to a 3 party collation lead by the ANC.The ANC coallation sniffed trade policy from free trade to fair trade. The collation also championed safe working conditions and handicap rights.The 2076 Olympics was held in eThekwini(formely know as Durban).An ANP collation would the  elcetion of 2089 on an paltform  of providng incetives to get foregin companies to bring Jobs to Azania.


An   ANC  lead collation won the ecltion of 2094 by 2 seats. They lost the next ecletion by 5 seats. The ANP lead goverment was caught  in some sandles and pass failry unpoular anit union laws resluting in theam lossing the ecltion o 2104 To  ANC. The ANC went on to win the next to eceltions. Today Azania is considered to be the next super power in the making


Azania has been benefited along with  other African  countries form being a destination for jobs outsourced form  all over the world. sine the mid 2090's.


Azania is know thought the world for it pharmacutical industy. Due the Aids crisis the Azania goverment spent a lot of money on the pharmacultical setor Adcock Ingram Aspen pharmacare Cape Ray Aeci pharmacultical Enaleni Pharmaceuticals Limited Kentam products and Penguin labs


Azania has a healthy auto industry. The big four domestic manufactures are Samcor , Delta Motors,Velt motors and Springbok  Autoworks. Also Several Foreign companies run plants in Azania. So far Samcor is the only Azania  automotive company to sell cars outside of Africa and the middle east  but Delta is planing to expand into south America by  purchasing Divolvo.


Anzania ecltoric industy has currently devopling sector with a lot of potencial. Major companies include   Pincale ecltoiec, Almagated Eclote Defy Ecltotirncs,serdi Jasco and simba ecltornics


Major food suftfs inculde  corn wheat, sugar, tea, poultyr beef poatos gape citrus furts and bean. major food prossocers Tongaat Hulett Tiger Brands,Illovo Food, and Cape Foods

Defense Industry

the manin comapnues in the azanian defense industry include Denel Atlus Paramount milko and Treuvol.


Other big inudsites include texile steel  chemicals and minning. smaller indusied include glass funitture wood products,plastics and cermaics


The Azania Defense force is the finiest Africa. It dived in the army navy airforce and speicla forces


the four main tevlison broadcaster in azain include Velt borascting company M net united tevison and the state ran Azaniain television network. Major radio networks include Velt borascting Springbok Radio Diamond network and Good Hope Radio Network. Cabel tv reached Azania in 2073. The Thre major cabel comapies are kalahria cable untied Tevliosn and Transval commuinations


Education in Azania is  universal though high school.

Inteanatial realtions

they have good realtions with Senagal and east Africa. They poor realtions with Nigerai  Rwanda and Ugnada



The Pan Azaniain Highway began construction in 061. It was complted in 2105


Azania's Federal railway was found  shothly after the birth of federation by combining the railroads of the former indepent states. The railroads were expanded in the 2030-2050..Despite increased comeption form highways the railroads are an impoant form of transpaotion


Azanaian Airways is Azania flag carrier