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The federation of Aztlan is a nation based in the southwest United States and northern Mexioc


Postdoomday In the wake of doomsday c and new mexico broke apart due to the lost of thier captial. In colroado azroina and Utha the captials were spared. In utha there prombles with lost of trade and rising crime but the slat lake city goverment manged to keep things stable by declaring martial law. .Azornia also suffered the same prombles but their wer more serve. The Phonix goverment still narrowly manged to adovid cival war and though honest efforts to win over dissent like creating automous areas in the north.

Eara of mexican influence

Soon after domsday the American south west rump states start recving  humantran aid from Mexico. There also  small number of reugees fowling into mexico mostly Texas and New Mexico .By 1997  a Nationtiolist gained power playing on  mexicans fusteration with refuege and the  anger at the america use to push mexico around before doomsday The former  untied states were in a weaker  pisiton then mexico  and found then selvess having to make certin constion to mexico to  gain assiience and adivoid war and were thus reduced to mexican puppets

Mexican Cival war.

By 2025  most people of mexico were getting very tired of thier natinonlist. They viewed as a buch of croupt oputinist who overused the former yanke empire as exuse for all of mexico's prombles.The goverment was also hated for it ties to the cartels. The only region that  the naitnolist still had favor was in centeral mexico. By 2027 mexico was in cival. The republics of the former midest aided the rebles due to dislike of the meixican naitonlist govvermen treatment of theamt . the rebles were joined   In 2028 the rebels gained a promise of aid form the second unitde . this  promise was not fullied due untiell afer the war was esently over duet the united states getting into a war with giled.  The war end with most most  ntother.  of north mexico and southern was inpencet of mexico city


Shortly aftedr the war the states of the southwest americna and notrhen mexico decide to vote  on unification. The referendum barley passed and the federation of Aztlan was born. The early day of the new federation was plagued by conflict between chiano and general instablity. thing started to seatle down afer the harmoeny party came to power in 2039


A trade and defense deal was signed with California and Nevada in 2048. Conant with Europe was established in 2053.


The National Solidarity Front won the election of of 2063 based on a platform of delegation,strong national defense and continuing support of national unity. Aztlan narroly voted in favor of formation of the American Coalition in 2071. Azltan suffer a bad drought form 2077 to 2080. ==== 2080-3000 ====. The Harmony Party came back to in 2087.

The 2098 Worlds Fair was held in Monterrey


The National Solidarity Front won the elections of 3003 3011 and narrowly lost to the Harmony party in 3015

In the present   day Aztlan   enjoys  healthy relations with it neighbors. Aztlan has economically benefited a little bit  form outsourcing .



Aztlan has a modesthy  motor industry. 3 of the five major car motor firms are based in Winlsow mesa. They are claled Bed ford motors,, pebula automotive  Standar motors  Mustang automoive and Apha motors.


Azlatn has a mosest indust making tvs computes radios and under elctoics. the 4 main frism are kyoto  ecltoics aztec ecltoics  Fedral Raido corp and volt co.

food agracluter

Major crops include cron wheat  peas beans oranges poatoes and watermelon

Cattle and chicken are major live stock

Major Food companies include Celestial Foods, Swift Foods, Shamrock Brands Grupo La Norteñita, Chilchota Alimentos, Sigma Alimentos, Mojave foods United brands and Associated foods


Azltan has bulit up a deceant Texitle industy  over the years


Aztlan entered an oil boom in the  late 20s due to technological  advances that   made extract Petroleum form oi shale more effeteness. While the oil boom is slowing down oil is still a major part of Aztlan's eccomny


Azlatan also make steel funnitrue,Plastc  and firearms


The infrastructure of the former  us states that make up Aztlan suffered mild damage during doomsday. The northern Mexican states that would later form Alzatan got off even light  . This infrasute was further damage during the Mexican cival war of the 2020's..  Among the first act of the Azlatan  leguastue was to pass an infrastructure reconstion build. Do the infucne of a paroind sentor who feared emp caused by solar flare, terrorist or posabely hostile governments Azlant power grid was rebuilt to withstand emps.. most govemrn faclies  including libarys and shcools have alest unpluged emp proof laptop  are emp proof and  ham raido for emigiens. Most sizable comm. all imporant govemrnet computer files have are backed up on flash drives which are stored in emp shiled boxes


Azlatan has a healthy mass media that provides news and enterment to citizens in engilish spanish and spanglish


Aztlan has   a healthy milatry.  They still keep troops at the boarder with mexico despite  the fact theire has been no boarder sqaubles since the 2060's


azlatan has  a modest ecuaction sysytem. It was world   class  shcools in the phonie denver Monterrey, San Luis winslow and slat lake ciy area.  other metro have worse yet still decent shcool. most rural schools tend to be pretty poor in quality



captial and largest city phonix




Largest City

Ciudad Juárez


Captial and Largest City



Captial and largest city

Colorado Sprigns


Las Vegas

captial and largerst city las lvegas




largest city




New Mexico

Captial  and largest city


Nuevo Leon

Captial ad Largest city Monterrey

Palo Duro captial lubbock

Largest city


Rio Grande

Capital Laredo

Largest city


Sangre de Cristo

Captil Taos

Largest city

Rio Rancho


Captial and largest city



captial  and largest city

Salt lake City



Ciudad Victoria

Largest City





Largest city

San Luis




Largest city Culiacán


The early days  of  the federtiaon were marked by poltical unrest and and  ethic tenison between  metiznion americans and chainon.  However thanks thanks to the efforts of avists who followed the phillopsy of Gorlia and aduzala  Aztlan has become a land of ethic hamromny. Aztlan prides it self on having a naitonal idenity on the the federal while matining  induvial cultuaral idenity on the state leveal. The main tow parites are the center right natinal solidtyr front and the center left  harmony party

Langue Spanglish (spanish english has been the offical federal langue since 2064). Eahc state state either regoinzes spanish or english as a sedond officla langue

internatnal realtions

Azlatan is a meamber of the north American coleletion which also inculdes Casscadia Calforiana the united states ALberta and other states.Ties. They also have close ties with brazil rio de plata and other lantio  nations