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Beelzebub Blackthorne (2019 – 2062) is a famous for director and writer who is from Lucifer city in the Scandinavian Republic. His first major movie had was jolly death which was a Christmas themed horror movie about a zombie outbreak in small Scandinavian town very close this out as workshop. The movie was released in 2039 I was extremely popular as an alternate Christmas movie. It also want the H.P. Lovecraft award for fine writing in a movie. The 2050s dismally became extremely controversial because many people believed that it was derogatory to the undead because it promoted unfair undead stereotypes. Blackthorne was still extremely popular in the undead community. His other major hits were the Bunny, Cupid and Lucifer. He was one the most popular directors in the 2050s at his movies are now considered   horror classics.


Beelzebub Blackthorne was a proud member of the Church of Satan which made him extremely controversial from fundamentalist Christians. People objected to increase membership even more when the church is stated in control of the Lucifer Corporation. This is one of the most powerful corporations in the late 21st century.  however by late 21st century the church of Satan had become much more mainstream and people once again welcome Beelzebub Blackthorne into the mainstream film industry.


Beelzebub Blackthorne died in the ski accident outside Lucifer city on June 1, 2062 at 43 years old. His funeral was attended by 150 people and was held at the first Church of Satan in Lucifer city, Scandinavia. HP Lovecraft also attended his funeral as well as many other members of the undead.  Montezuma Sanchez well known aquatic humanoid activist also attended the funeral. The funeral was also live streamed to the underwater colonies, the Republic of Seattle and many other regions.