Alternate Future Wiki


100 million years ago: the aquatic humanoid species first appears

Pre-20th century

1300s: aquatic humanoids begin farming seaweed and fish

1500s: aquatic humanoids begins building permanent settlements in the water and on

1859: Edgar Allan Poe becomes undead

20th century

1937: HP Lovecraft becomes undead

1940: HP Lovecraft discovers Ravendale West Virginia

1952: Kentucky fried chicken is founded

1958: Pizza Hut is founded (now known as cricket hut)

1962: Taco Bell is founded later known as cricket Bell

21st century

2000: the aquatic humanoids remain disconnected from humanity

The 2020s

2020:Lily Jackson is the youngest person ever to receive a PhD

2022: aquatic humanoids are discovered in the jungles of South America

2024: William III King of England declares that he will be the last King of England

2025: the government of the state of Washington completely collapses

2026: the Republic of Seattle is founded

2027: the Republic of Seattle abolishes the electoral college

The 2030s

2032: KFC becomes Kentucky fried crickets

2033: aquatic humanoids legally gain human rights

2034: H.P. Lovecraft reveals his identity and let the world know that he has been undead since the 1930s

2034: mutually assured cupcakes is founded by Lucifer Jedediah hellfire former member of the Church of Satan

2034: KFC's new logo is revealed

2034: the international brain depository is founded

2037: the Republic of Scandinavia is founded

2037: an artificial brain substitute is created by Lily Jackson

The 2040s

2040: Redfield's is a popular restaurant in Lucifer Heights in Lucifer city, Scandinavia

2042: the fast food chain cricket hut is founded

2044: the undead human rights organization gray matter is founded on new Brooklyn Island

2044: cricket Bell shut down

2045: the aquatic humanoid population reaches 80 million, HP Lovecraft claims that he can see the future

2045: the British Parliament passed the undead succession act

2045: undead version of Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII become king and queen of the United Kingdom

2045: Reykjavík becomes Lucifer city, the state of new Nevada is formed

2045: undead human rights March in Central Park

2046: mutually assured cupcakes is shut down permanently due to its alliance with the Church of Satan

2147: the first annual undead Americans literary awards occurs in Providence Rhode Island the birthplace of famous writer and undead scholar HP Lovecraft

2049: North and South Carolina become known as the state Carolina

2047: Lily Jackson is infected with the Lazarus prion

The 2050s

2051: Virginia and West Virginia become known as the state of Virginia

2052: North and South Dakota becomes known as the state Dakota

2053: the Taco Bell Museum is open in Tucson, and Albuquerque new Nevada

2055: Aqua technologies is founded

2055: the Renfield viruses is discovered

2057: first underwater computer is is invented

The 2060s

2062: Starbucks red is founded

2062: underwater Wi-Fi is invented

2063: first underwater cell phone is invented

2063: the southern state is formed

2066: Renfield's shuts down

2067: the first location of Starbucks red opens in the Republic of Seattle 2

2067: Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon are required by the Lucifer Corporation

The 2070s

2071: Starbucks blues person underwater location opens

2072: the central state is founded

2077: HP Lovecraft is murder

2077: the United States abandons the electoral college

2078: Louisiana becomes a republic

The 2080s

2081: Starbucks has 150 underwater locations predominantly staffed by aquatic humanoids

2082: Puerto Rico becomes a US state

2083: Aqua technologies files for bankruptcy, Aqua technologies builds its new headquarters in Brasilia

The 2090s

2092: the corporate headquarters of Aqua technologies is blown

2093: first undead pride parade in New York City

2099: the international space hotel opens with record sales

22nd century

2100: Lily Jackson is kidnapped and put into an experimental cryogenic pod

2100: Aqua technologies is acquired by Lucifer Corporation

2120: Aqua technologies is discontinued by the Lucifer Corporation

2122: the space hotel is decommissioned and destroyed after 2000 people died in the late 21st century

2125: aquatic humanoid population reaches 100 million

2135: New York Institute of undead studies is founded

2138: the Lucifer Corporation completely collapses financially

2155: the Lazarus prion is cured

23rd century:

2200: Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII die for the second time in a car crash completely ending the British monarchy once and for all

31st century:

3000: Lily Jackson's body is discovered