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Briasemp22 Briasemp22 22 May 2021

Creative timeline

My new timeline bazaar brands is  is it alternate timeline where aquatic humanoids undead and vampires all exist. It’s an extremely creative timeline that was rejected by the future Wiki I’m glad this time is welcome on this amazing wiki. I encourage other people to add new articles to my timeline all creative ideas are welcome.   

Sincerely Brian future historian

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RanchDressing24 RanchDressing24 29 April 2021

First Blog

Ok so The Rise of Avaria scenario has come over to this wiki, I hope the timeline does well here

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 12 October 2019

New Administration

Hello, me and User:Ben10fan3 have decided to attempt to revive this wiki. This will include a redesign, a dramatic cut-down of the staff team and potentially a name change. I'll list some of the chances being undertaken below.


We wiped the home page and replaced it temporarily while we create a permanent replacement. We've also changed the colour scheme to a grey and gold one, as it's much brighter and inviting.

We are also considering changing the name of this wiki, if you have any suggestions please respond with them.


Almost all of the staff on this wiki are incredibly inactive, and we will be requesting to FANDOM that they be demoted. Here are the staff members that will be staying and the ones that will be demoted.


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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 14 September 2019

Permission to adopt??

I've been lurking this Wiki for a while and I've seen that it is dead - despite it being one of the most open Wikis creative wise. It merges both Future and AltHistory Wikis, and that's a great idea. The admins are inactive and so is most of the wiki. If you're still here, I'm asking you if I have permission to adopt this wiki. I may be new here but on the Future Wiki I first joined in 2016 and have around 2,000 edits there altogether. I was also a moderator there and worked to the best of my ability. In my other wiki that I have now resigned as Bureaucrat from, I helped revive it - The wiki was completely redesigned and now the wiki has a community and editors. I streamlined the mod team and I helped advertise it. (Although it's more acti…

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 13 September 2019

I made us a Discord Server

This Wiki is kinda dying, and I know I'm new but I've made a Discord server for us to mess around in. These usually make communities more active:

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The Greek-American The Greek-American 6 May 2015

Canada and America

I have thought of an Alt future that involves both Canada and America gaining independence from Britain. They will form an alliance, and by the modern day they will both be superpowers. They will compete in some politucal issues, but will remain allies, Brother and Brother.   

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The Greek-American The Greek-American 4 April 2015

A Different Plan for Humanity

Different biblical prophecies of the end.

-In my mind that's how all this works-

Anyway, I'm still thinking of an idea for an Alternate Future.

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Ismael777 Ismael777 5 July 2014

I'm back!

I've returned. I've noticed that this place looks deserted. Is anyone here?

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Ismael777 Ismael777 13 April 2014

I'm semi-retired.

I'm not going to spend much time here, but I may show up on some occasions. I have been working on another unrelated Wikia project, The Amazing World of Gumball Fanon Wiki. Fell free to join and help! But this doesn't mean I'm going away forever, but I may come back.

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Daneofscandinavy Daneofscandinavy 24 March 2014

Poll: Caribbean Empire

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Whipsnade Whipsnade 12 February 2014

The Auto-voice program test.

  • Dose Google actually get them right? Errors put in brakets after the name in phonetic UK English.
  1. Morag.
  2. Helen.
  3. Doris.
  4. Dilis.
  5. Theresa.
  6. Tina.
  7. Stacey.
  8. Magda.
  9. Pilar (Pillar)
  10. Therase.
  11. Therese.
  12. Terri.
  13. Maggy.
  14. Maggie.
  15. Maggi  (Majy).
  16. Dorcas.
  17. Belinda.
  18. Bella.
  19. Estelle. (Est-tell)
  20. Ellie.
  21. Ella.
  22. Dora.
  23. Laura.
  24. Lara.
  25. Flora
  26. June.
  27. Janette.
  28. Joan.
  29. Jean. (John)
  30. Jane.
  31. Jayne.
  32. Jhayne.
  33. Jenny.
  34. Jennie.
  35. Jenni.  
  36. Jenifer.
  37. Stephanie.
  38. Steffie.
  39. Josephine.
  40. Joann.
  41. Joanne.
  42. Joanna.
  43. Joannah.
  44. Jinette.
  45. Jannette.
  46. Tammy.
  47. Dawn.
  48. Abby.
  49. Sussie  (Suss'sy).
  50. Sue.
  51. Veronica.
  52. Susanna.
  53. Kirsty.
  54. Ruth.
  55. Mandy.
  56. Amanda.
  57. Leah.
  58. Veronique. (Ver'roneak).
  59. Monica.
  60. Joyce.
  61. Joycelyn.
  62. Lyn.
  63. Lynn.
  64. Lynne.
  65. Linda.
  66. Monique.
  67. Meredith.
  68. Marion.
  69. Simone.
  70. Jacobina. (Jac'car-bina)
  71. Martine.
  72. Martina.
  73. Merry.
  74. Mary.
  75. Maria.
  76. Marjut.
  77. Brigda. (Brig'da).
  78. Brunhilde.
  79. Elisabeta.
  80. Elisabeth.
  81. Liz.
  82. Betty.
  83. Beth.
  84. Bethany…
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Whipsnade Whipsnade 10 February 2014

A better Afghan War on Terror?

Could the war have been fought better, errors avoided, lives saved and the Taliban stopped?

I have 12 ideas on how the war could it could have been improved, but I would like to hear other oppinions on how the war could have been fought and the future of Afghanistan could be saved. Was there a better war plan leading to a better outcome and a future without the Taliband?

My ideas on error that are occering-

  1. The Americans took such a lead the world got the misconception it was all just Yanks, with the odd Afghan and Brit as back up.
  2. A Western media that were convinced the war was immoral no matter what actually happened.
  3. The false UK belief that wars could be won quickly like the Falklands and not long like World War 2 (WW2).
  4. The UK forces are pr…
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Ismael777 Ismael777 5 January 2014

Veganism and Misanthropy

Do you think humans are selfish towards other species? If not, you are selfish and anthropocentric. I hate the fact we are anthropocentric and kill animals for food and clothing. Starting here we're going to enforce vegetarianism in this world! To be honest, I FREAKING HATE MY OWN SPECIES WHEN THEY DO THIS. No offense.

Do you think anthropocentrism and human consumption of animals is right? Yes.(Curse you evil human-centered monster that deserve worse!) Somewhat.(Think about it real good.) No.(Good for you my dear friend.)

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The River Nile-2 The River Nile-2 18 January 2014

A new Congo?

I think Congo-Brazzaville has a bright new future! Oil, trade links with China and France; rising literacy rates, Eco-tourism starting up, more schools being built and the planned modest enlargement of Port-Noire are all to it's credit. Will Congo-Brazzaville become a economic super-power by 2035-2045?

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The River Nile-2 The River Nile-2 17 January 2014

The ratings war?

We had 1,050 views on the 15th. We are doing well. Althistory watch out, you are in danger of a rating's war!

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Ismael777 Ismael777 12 January 2014

We need more contributors

Although the number of pages say that there are nine pages, there are only one alternate future article; Taino Federation (No European Colonization). We need more contributors. We need more articles. We need more pages. If we want this wiki to be successful, give us a hand to expand this library of fascinating articles. The success and growth of this wiki is especially depends on contributors.

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Wingman1 Wingman1 11 January 2014

Ip Trace

If you are an admin here or elsewhere here is a quick and easy way to trace IP's

check it out.Wingman1

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Ismael777 Ismael777 10 January 2014

Does anybody knows good Spanish?

I created a Spanish version of this wiki, Wiki de Futuro Alternativo, but I need help. Does anybody knows good Spanish. If you do know Spanish, would you help me with that wiki? Thanks! Ismael Perez (Talk) 03:29, January 10, 2014 (UTC)

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Ismael777 Ismael777 4 January 2014

I need admins

I just created this wiki myself, and I really need new admins to help me. Who ever wants to volunteer, I'll be pleased. Since I use and iPad, I'm also having trouble uploading ".png" files. And this wiki is new (founded on 4th of January, 2014), I really need contributors to create pages.

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