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Boris Yeltsin was the first president of the Russian Federation. On January 25 1995 he was given his nuclear briefcase because the Russian military misktined a nowergain rocket for an American missle. He was drunk that day and   fired russian aresnal at america and it's allies milatyr bases.Yelstine spen a day in his nuclear bunker berfore the russain came and told him that the american missles target at Moscow had missed thier marks or had malfuncited. Yelstine  then learned that the he start WW3 over a flase alarm. Yelstine  retire in shame to Yekaterinburg.


Boris Yeltsin was born in the village of Butka near the city of Yekaterinburg. He was accepted into the Politburo of the USSR in 1976 . He was once an ally of Mikhail Gorbachev but, they had a falling out. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Yelstin became the president of the Russian Federation. His  term was by mass economic liberalization


On January 25 1995 a  russain radar pickup a potential missile, so Yeltsin was given the nuclear suitcase. Yeltsin was in the middle of a major stupor when was given the suitcase so he decide to launch a nuclear strike at several NATO military. Yeltsin then  fled to his nuclear bunker to wait out the American nuclear strike.


The next Day  Russian soldiers arrived at Yelstine bunker to that  informed that all american missles targeted at   Moscow either missed  thier targets or were sabagoted by soviet agents so that they would fail to expolde. The  next  moscow burocrats found the lost meomo that revealed that the first missle was really a norwegain rocket carring scenific insturmetns. Afer finding out that he started WW3 over a flase alarm Yelstine resigned and  Viktor Chernomyrdin  became president of the Provesanal  russain goverment. Yelstine then moved to spent the his out the public's eye unitll. He died in 2005 after he fell down a flight of stairs in a drunken stupor