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Flag of brazil

Brazil is a large south American nation and pre apocalypse was one of the Worlds Emerging Superpowers. It is now once again a profitable nation and currently maintains one of the most well armed and advanced militaries on the planet due to its relative ease in recovering domestically. 

Post Apocalypse

Following Brazils rapid recovery and the relatively mild disasters it suffered next to much of the rest of the world, it Began the process of rebuilding its shattered Latin American brothers. It Switftly aided and then annexed Argentina and then moved northwest managing primitive contact with most nations. Around halfway through 2016 mostly through their now booming oil exporting and amazing ability to be completely self sufficient for the most part they advanced into a surpsingly undefended Columbia. The following weeks and months were relatively bloodless allowing for Brazil to Secure the majority of the continent excluding Chile with which those kinds of relations had not been secured yet.


With some referring to Brazil by its imperial nomer it seems that with Brazils rapid campaign of Dominance in South america which was surprisingly Diplomatic may have labelled them as the Superpower of the Post Apocalyptic world. Their oil production, self sufficiency, and quick adaptation to the new world has given them an edge especially with their imminent capture of Panama thus giving them control of much of the World Trade as well. Brazil stands at a unique position, with no real enemies, a powerful and well trained military, and just improvements to make to many nations Will Brazil Take the Vacuum left by the United States?


With Brazilian Dominance in South America. 


Brazil fell to implausible.