Britannia (lunar destruction)

Britannia was the first British Martian colony that was built in 2036   to resettle the people of England on Mars. The colony was one of the largest colonies in the northern hemisphere of Mars up until the construction of the new China. Britannia was a series of geodesic domes that were connected. Each of the geodesic domes was named after the city in England. The most populated geodesic dome was London. Housed approximately 7,000,000 people and was home to the new British Museum, a series of replicated  British habitat for animals and plants native to the home island. There was also a series of hydroponic domes that provided food for the city. The other regions of Britannica colony included York, Cardiff, and new Cambridge. The colony of new Britannia drastically increased in size when it was expanded in 2159. About 28th century new Britannia was a massive mega-city that dominated the northern hemisphere of Mars. After terraforming the geodesic domes were taken down in Britannia and were exposed to the new life-sustaining atmosphere of Mars.

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