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Kingdom of Canada
Flag of the Kingdom of Canada.png

Kingdom of Canada at its greatest extent.png


30,000,000 (1986 Census)
Government Constitutional Monarchy, Democracy
Monarch Queen Elizabeth
Languages English, French
Religions Many
Capital Toronto, Ontario
Establishment July 1, 1867 (Dominion) February 14, 1961 (Kingdom)
Currency Canadian Dollar (CND)

Canada, officially the Kingdom of Canada, is a country located in the northernmost part of North America. It is bordered by the continental United States of America to the south and Alaska to the West.


British Rule and Revolution

Before 1961, Canada was under British Rule as the Dominion of Canada. As such, it was part of the Commonwealth of Nations. In 1961 however, the Valentine's Revolution brought on by Princess Elizabeth (who didn't believe in Imperialism) and Canadian Freedom Fighters. They finally took over parliament, and all British soldiers and politicians were expelled. Princess Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen of Canada.