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Caribbean-American War


8 years (Around the 4th millennium)


Canadamerican desire for the annexation of the Caribbean


Almost all of the Caribbean population


Caribbean flag.jpg Caribbean Empire


Fall of The Caribbean Empire, annexation of the Caribbean, epidemic during the dark ages.

Countries involved

Flag of Canadamerica.jpg Canadamerica Caribbean flag.jpg The Caribbean Empire Europe flag w gold stars.png The European Empire (later on in the war), Neo Russian Empire (later on in the war)

The Caribbean-American war (also called the The Caribbean Holocaust) is a total war fought in the Caribbean caused by the US desire of control over the Caribbean Empire.

US first try

The Caribbean Empire doesn't have military. Instead, the CSS will serve as protection to the empire without warfare. They will be heavily amoured to prevent certain attacks. They may also carry a shield with the Caribbean Coat of Arms on it and may be armed with a saline water spray. They are also accompanied by dogs or robots. If the empire wants to control a territory, a territory wants to separate from the empire, merge territories in the empire or the empire with other countries or if countries want to control the empire, citizens from both territories will have to vote on whenever or not the action will be made or not.

The US wanted to control the empire so the US cast a debate. Because most of the citizens in both territories didn't want the Caribbean Empire to be under dependency as it was a great country that single-handedly stood up and that minded its own buissness.

The war begins

On the first day without the Caribbean Empire knowing, American troops tried to enter the empire, through the Diamond Ring of The Caribbean. As the gates closed, with tanks, bombs, explosives and battering rams, they knocked down the wall and invaded the Caribbean. CSS troops with their riot uniform and shield, try to handcuff and arrest American soldiers without killing, striking, or violence, but Americans had killed the troops and then destroyed and reannexate the Dominion of Florida as their State. Later, they had destroyed and claimed the Bahamas, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean Empire. Though Americans soldiers manage to arrive at Hispaniola after the battle and annexation in Cuba, they were kept back by the CSS troops. After they manage to the Royal District in Bellemare-Commenador at Central Hispaniola, they dropped a nuclear bomb into the city, assassinating the current rules, wiping out most of the Caribbean population, clearing out all buildings turning the place into a desert and claiming the Caribbean Empire as part of the US for the next millennium.

American Conquest

The all surviving Caribbeans had fleed to the European Empire. The Americans start constructing new buildings on the Caribbean area. During the rebuild, an epidemic spread throughout the entire US, not just the Caribbean region. Then, the epidemic ended.


A Perez-Valerian wanted the Caribbean Empire to be revived. Wants a war to be prepared on the US, but he had to follow his family rule as being a pacifist, though he wanted the Caribbean to be liberated. He asked the US to liberate the Caribbean. Then, most people said to liberate the Caribbean, thus the Second Caribbean Empire was created with the help of the European Empire.