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The Caribbean Foreign Service Treaty is a treaty King Ismael Perez I made for Caribbean citizens and residences outside the empire. It states that some schools and hospitals outside the empire must have the CFS program.

The CFS Program

The CFS program is a program that serve in some foreign institutions, especially in the US and the European Empire. Schools with this program must open at 7:30 AM for both Caribbeans and non-Caribbeans, but must let Caribbeans leave at 6:30 PM, if taken doctrinal services or from 7:30 PM to 6:00 AM, if taken nocturnal services 7 days a week with no holiday breaks or summer vacation. They must also give Epitrest school lunches. If schools with this service requires payment, the Caribbean government would pay for a Caribbean to attend the school.

The program also covers certain hospitals as the Caribbean government would pay a Caribbean citizen or resident their medicine, checkup and operations.