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The Caribbean Security Service is a government agency in the Caribbean Empire that serves protection an paramilitary for the Caribbean Empire. There are three kinds of agents; engineers, troops and secretaries. There head quarter is located at the Royal District, Belladère-Comendador, Central Hispaniola, Hispaniola. They spy governments within the empire and around the border, but will never spy on other countries. They will not only protect the Caribbean Empire, but also all other countries with mutual respect.

Types of workers


Engineers are people that make tools, armoury, computers, satellites and other devices for the CSS. They have their factory and storage units.


Troops are people that make arrests and prevent anything bad to happen. There are heavily shielded with diamond and anti-radioactive helmets, air-purifying respirator, vests, elbow pads, knee pads and a large shield. Because there pacifists, the only weapon they have is a salt water spray. The have the power to stop arrest terrorists, rebellions and incoming soldiers and war vehicles. Some troops had fought in the Caribbean-American War. They often carry dogs, especially the Caribbean Collie.


Secretaries are people that monitor scenes on camera, and identify wanted criminals.