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On the 21st of August 2021 at 5:30 am Free New Zealand militia invaded the Tauranga central police station Officers were shot dead and that sparked all the authorities in the building to evacuate to the district court. The police as they were leaving set off an evacuation alarm for all Tauranga citizens to evacuate if they lived near the police station.


Those that lived in the danger zone heard the alarm and packed their things and drove to where they were being told to go: the closest school to them. They were being told to go here because thats were Civil Defence would soon set up evacuation zones for the evacuees. They used schools because the pandemic had taken all students and teachers out of them to learn at home. Coming in the middle of the lockdown, this evacuation is devastating. Meanwhile Free New Zealand had sent 20 more militia to the site of the police station to secure it from being retaken by the government. The prime minister told residents to be vigilant and stay kind and happy where you can be.