Alternate Future Wiki

20th century

1996: the wrath of God terrorist group is founded

The 2020s

2020: the Catholic schools abolishment act  is passed by the government

2020: holy cross Catholic school shuts down

2023: holy cross Catholic school was converted into an experimental farm and agricultural research Center

2026: greenhouses are built at the holy cross experimental farm

2027: green tech is founded

The 2030s

2030: the Canadian government reintroduces the death penalty for crimes against humanity and terrorism

2031: city of Hamilton is destroyed by ballistic missile

2032: the government in Afghanistan completely collapses

2033: Blight resistant genetically modified  potatoes are introduced

2034: the terrorist who destroyed the city of Hamilton is executed

2035: the great financial collapse occurs

2039: the Hamilton Memorial hydroponic farm is opened by green tech

The 2040s

2040: the Roman Congress for Catholic reform occurs

2045: Kingston Ontario becomes an independent republic is entirely self-sufficient

2045: the Yellowknife hydroponic facility is opened

The 2050s

2051: the Canadian oil reserves completely run out

The 2060s

2062: the condo residential Federation of Toronto is established

The 2070s

2079: the Canadian government passes the independent Republic act

The 2080s

2087: the city of new Toronto becomes independent Republic

The 2090s

2099: 97% of the Amazon rain forest at the cutdown

22nd century

2100: Toronto is the most powerful republic in North America

2100: Brazil was regularly experiencing hurricanes and forest fires

2122: the country of Canada completely broke up

23rd century

2200: the Republic of Toronto annexes the former city of Hamilton 2240: the Republic of Toronto becomes a republic of southern Ontario

24rd century

2300: the Republic of Ontario is founded

2345: green tech collapses

The 25th century

2400: the Federation of Brazil makes the Amazon rain forest a national park