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Conservative Party Leadership election, 2019 (A Different 2016)
Leadership of The Conservative Party

Gain the most votes to win

12th September 2019
Turnout 89.3%
First party Second party Third party
Official portrait of Michael Gove crop 2 GeorgeOsborne2015 Boris Johnson
Leader Michael Gove George Osborne Boris Johnson
Party Conservative Party Conservative Party Conservative Party
First ballot 70 (21.21%) 77 (23.33%) 47 (14.24%)
Second ballot 71 (21.52%) 79 (28.18%) 58 (17.58%)
Third Ballot 80 (24.24%) 97 (29.39%) 79 (23.93%)
Fourth Ballot 108 (32.72%) 122 (36.96%) 100 (30.30%)
Members' Ballot 79,776 (57.26%) 59,542 (42.74%) Eliminated
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Tallinn Digital Summit. Handshake Theresa May and Jüri Ratas (37357846742) (cropped) Jeremy Hunt Official Official portrait of Sajid Javid MP
Leader Theresa May Jeremy Hunt Sajid Javid
Party Conservative Party Conservative Party Conservative Party
First ballot 49 (14.85%) 49 (14.85%) 37 (11.21%)
Second ballot 55 (16.67%) 53 (16.06%) Eliminated
Third Ballot 74 (22.42%) Eliminated Eliminated
Fourth Ballot Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
Members' Ballot Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
Leader before election
David Cameron
Leader after election
Michael Gove
The 2019 Conservative Party leadership election occurred as a result of British Prime Minister David Cameron's retirement as leader before the 2020 General Election. Defence Secretary Michael Gove won the contest on 12th September 2019, after defeating Foreign Secretary George Osborne the member's vote.

Nominations opened on 1 August, and 6 candidates were nominated. The first ballot of MPs took place on 10 August, with exhaustive ballots of MPs also taking place on 15, 16 and 17 August, reducing the candidates to two. The general membership of the party elected the leader by postal ballot with the result announced on 12 September, with Michael Gove beating his opponent George Osborne by 15 points.

Gove would serve as Prime Minister until the Conservative Party's defeat in the 2020 General Election, and we was succeeded by Andy Burnham.

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