Cricket Hut (Bazaar brands)

On March 8, 2042 the fast food chain known as cricket  Hut opened. This chain was formally known as Pizza Hut. Starting in the 2040s this restaurant began to serve pizza with pizza domain cricket flower. They also offered pizzas with human brain substitute on top and sympathetic genius. These pizzas were targeted to undead individuals and adventurous humans. They also served algae milkshakes and algae-based pizza which were popular about aquatic humanoid customers. This restaurant chain by the Lucifer Corporation and its corporate headquarters are located in the Republic of Portland.

1200px-Pizza Hut logo.svg.png


This chain is known for his progressive hiring practices. They hire an dead Americans as well as acquired humanoid individuals. They also opened their first underwater location in the H.P. Lovecraft Memorial colony off the coast of Providence Rhode Island.

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