Damien Blackwell (New Venice)

Damien Blackwell (June 1, 2046 – September, 8 2079)

He was a civil rights leader who actively fought for the rights and transgender individuals. His campaigning led to the adoption of the transgender equal rights act which protected the rights of transgender individuals as well as implementing strict anti-hate crime legislation. Republicans were posted this act however it was successfully passed by Pres. North west of September 29, 2068. His activism also led to the end of  the ban on transgender people serving in the US military. He also traveled around the world discussing the importance of protecting transgender people from hate crimes. From throughout his short life he actively fought to preserve the rights of transgender people in the United States and all around the world. Unfortunately he was tragically killed in the Times Square massacre along with 149 other people. The Damien Blackwell foundation was found in the following year. This foundation was dedicated to protecting the rights of transgender people all over the world.

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