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This is a controversial government department in the Republic of Seattle that investigates and handles illnesses and conditions that are caused by supernatural or unexplained forces. they mainly investigate the claims of the undead who claim their infection allowed them to see the future. HP Lovecraft was a founding member of this organization. He wanted to understand where his prophetic abilities came from.


The organization has also try to investigate the origin of the aquatic humanoid species. this angered aquatic humanoid groups because it implied that they were supernatural creatures.

This organization also makes it seem like individuals infected with the Renfield Virus and the Lazarus prion but also supernatural beings.

successful discoveries

  1. they discovered that the Renfield Virus could be transmitted by blood transfusions
  2. in 2083 they confirmed the existence of apparitions and spirits (later proven fake)
  3. they discovered the werewolf gene in 2093 ( later proven false)


on November 1, 2099, the government of the Republic of Seattle Removed all government funding for the department of supernatural Health. This was done primarily because of allegations that this organization was committing human experiments on undead individuals. The department also faked heir discovery of apparition and spirits in 2083. The organization's claims that werewolves existed and their discovery of the gene that caused it was also proven to be faked. They really had just found a group of people with the rare but already well-known skin condition. all of these controversies led to the collapse of the organization in 2100. It also led to the Seattle government putting stricter standards on academic research and the use of humans in scientific experiments. Many in the undead community were angered by the collapse of this organization. However, people who work for Starbucks and  The International Brain Depository supported dissolving of this organization.