Disneyland (Second Amendment Civil War)


This was a theme park created by the Walt Disney Corporation in the second half of the 20th century near the city of Orlando Florida. It was a popular tourist destination state of Florida and the United States infected millions of visitors every year up until the major terrorist attack involving anthrax bomb in 2055 near the beginning of the second American Civil War. The part remains closed until 2073. By then the park was in rough shape and overgrown however beginning in 2074 the park was rebuilt, sterilize and updated. The part increased by 3% and the site became more popular. A new Netflix theme park also opened after the Disney Corporation acquired Netflix. Simpsons world also opened in 2083 and Futurama world opened up in 2099. This part officially became the world's largest theme park in 2100. However due to extensive hurricane damage and flooding as a result of severe climate change the park was officially closed permanently in 2122. The park was eventually fully abandoned animals people forgot about it. In 2300 most of the evidence of the park was long since gone and replace with Florida city is a mega-city that controls most of the state of Florida by this century. By then the state of Florida has left the United States and become a corporate Republic control by the Walt Disney Corporation and became the world's most powerful corporation by the 24th century. Disneyland remains a historical relic of the American past back when it was devoted to corporate greed and media conglomerates. Disneyland started as a tourist attraction in the state of Florida however eventually the Disney Corporation completely control all of the entire states of Florida. Most historians now believe that the founding of Disneyland was the beginning of the era for monopolies and corporate Republic that have devastated the former United States.

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