Disneyland Singapore (Singaporeworld)

n 2101 Disneyland Singapore opened to a record number of tourists. This was the largest part ever constructed by Disney Corporation and began the great Disney Renaissance of the 22nd century they revitalized this tired 20th-century brand. It was the first part that Disneyland had built since 2015 when they opened Disney Hong Kong. During the 20th century Disney World, Tokyo Disney, and Disney Hong Kong were destroyed by environmental disasters. As a result of this Disney no longer invested in theme parks until the 22nd century. With success of Disneyland Singapore Disneyland new Tokyo opened in 2120, Disneyland Dubai opened in 2123, Disneyland Jakarta opened in 2130, and new soul Disneyland opened in 2044. During the 22nd century the, Disney Corporation had a lot of success by investing in Asia and no longer invested in real estate in North America and Europe because of political instability and environmental catastrophe.

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