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  • why would the Communist party hold a fair election if they are going to lose, they wouldn't Last chance
  • because they dont know this, this is exterior sources who did the estimate. Also, i was going to put many of the communists have turned against themselves. Please revert your strikethrough
  • They have NEVER held a fair election, and they are a communist dictatorship, they know theu are not going to win, so I will not revert it.
  • China D: Accepts the three way alliance wiith Germany because, unreasonable as the Communists are, they know they must find strong allies like the UK and Germany to help them
  • A reasonably argued well thought out point. If you had done that earlier… BTW, would you rather not be the communists? I can make a revolution in next turns mod event if you want?
  • Yes please. I am sorry for any inconveniance caused. I only want a revolution i f i get to keep my military and although my stability might decrease a bit either be a (I) or a (II)
  • level II, and the military wil dip a bit as well, but with help from Germany and UK it will take two turns to return to this level, is that acceptable?
  • OK then, the alliance will come into affect when you are a democracy, next turn


  • I think that it is uber implausible for an undeveloped nation after a cataclysmic event to become the most powerful nation in Africa. OTL Iraq could probably beat them in a war.
  • But ATL south Africa can't
  • That's ridiculous. OTL South Africa is inarguably the strongest state in Africa.
  • 2 tsunamis and a Hurricane later? No
  • Madagascar would fair far worse


Since when did I say that?

Also, u wouldnt let me spend that money so where did that come from. I just worked out the cost of what you allowed and it was £0 as the British government payed for them in 2012/2013. 

Refits and repairs aren't free, and nor are 10 destroyers, and commissoned means begun, so you have not payed for them

But the doomsday was in 2012, we started playing two years later, and if you post messages on Talk Pages in Character, they count as diplomacy

Actually ER the UK payed between 2009 and 2011. I checked on the MoDs website. You are both wrong. I read the talk page and ER never said that there was anything in Germany, he sais you might use the desert. And it is an international law that you can not do nuclear testing in clear proximity of populated area (within 250 miles or something) and you are not allowed to keep it secret.

​I'll change the bit about the insane allegations, but the rest is plausible


  • No way that is so implausible. He's called a BLACK OPs soldier for a reason:untraceable, elite, loyal, untorturable, secret. And he would never crack anyway as believe me; he would be in far more pain if the UK government realise he has betrayed them.
  • Two words: Truth Drugs
  • A few more words: It is a known fact that its forces can be made impervious to drugs of that type
  • Not the latest ones, and drop it, this guy wasn't, the government rushed the program, I don't know Roman, he just told OK
  • its also pretty implausible for the UK to bomb Australia...think of the resources wasted by traveling to Australia, let alone their historic ties G greg e (talk) 02:15, May 20, 2013 (UTC)
  • Agreed, also about the black ops thing, agreed. its a post apocalypse, black ops soliders are the last thing a nation would be worried about. He told, no amount of shitty training given after an APOCALYPSE will keep him from talking. especially in 3 years....Feudalplague (talk) 02:21, May 20, 2013 (UTC)


FYI after the revolution you only have 100 million, the others died/remained loyal and died.

If you don't post that you have spies, you don't have spies It is still an apocalypse, and even OTL the Banks are f*cked up

I would say that brazil has it

no i do i sent troops not them Think bigger, like 80 million, you have an OIL population of 1.2 billion

Hey thats a ludicrous number of military men, 1 you cant feed and supply that many military men, and two with that many he could wage a genocidal campaign globally against every nation.. im thinking around a million. tops just cause of the Apocalyptic situation etc

China has more than that, and India has a population of 1.2 billion


EY to everyone thats just going along with india and china having hundreds of millions of troops im calling shenanigans. China in OTL wasnt able to field over a million even with outdated tech, how the hell can they field 100,000,000 right off the bat... that is legitmately ridiculous the same goes for india. That is completely implausable. Im not even sure the UNSC from the halo games fields a 100,000,000 million man military... your budget would collapse. i rest my case

It was just because of the population size

the Algorythm has been revised, and to make the game fairer, I am working on just having a battle algorythm not a war algorythm, as China and India or Brazil would dominate the game

Thank the fucking lord... jesus be fucking plausable people no ridiculous numbers liek that again


I've told you, you have to say HOW you got the bombs/toxic gas and people to use it behind enemy lines

Brazil and by extension the SAU has had total control of panama for awhile could we update that


I dont care how many troops you think you should be able to field, realisticly population or not you may have men fit for military service but your talkign about using modern technology which is hard to manufacture by our standards in OTL. in ATL we are only a few years off an apocalypse. as much as we have recovered the average modern nation in OTL can field at most 2 to 3 million with modern technology and the rest are in waiting pretty much. Why do you think the US military puts so much training into soliders and tech into their equipment, so they cant fight with less for less and spend less. You cant field 10 million, you can field 2 million tops straining your economy to the breaking point the same goes for the UK. and even myself as Brazil, Were throwing everything we have at china so that should be around 2 million a piece TOPS, plus all our tech. STOP MAKING YOUR MILITARY UNREALISTICLY LARGE.

If we have 10 million between us, then China will destroy us, we are keeping the number the same, you aren't a mod, you can't change it

Then have the mods scale back how many they can field. China and India regardless of populations cant field that many men, they have a hard time feeding themselves as it is. they can even equip/feed that many men for combat much less their actual populous. Do you even understand what plausability is? this isnt world war 2 where the Chinese could field 30 million easily and the US and everyone could commit to total war. it doesnt work like that anymore.

It is like that, this is a world war for christ's sake, we have fired NUKES for f*cks sake, it will be scaled back after the war, OK? Local (talk)

That's stupid though, the radiation would poison your own troops.

Nobody truly nuked it was high altitude high orbit like COD and Homefront. it was to shut down electronics and make sure your forces land near unnopposed its a legit military strategy, especially for the relatively low radiation that is involved with one of those. Now if we had nuked a huge city directly we wouldve just hurt outself. besides all modern soldiers are equipped with gear to protect to some degree


All your nukes were destroyed last turn

No nukes left means no nukes left

NO, I had no way toreach those nukes last turn to sabotage them

That is basically declaring war on the UK, also that area HAS been taken by UK military. The UK post said that the Beijing area upwards was taken. You wouldnt declare war on other allies just after this war anyway. You have Xilinhot, yes. Stop trying to invade allies straight after a costly war. Anyway, there are about 20 million UK troops in the area at the moment so be careful. You have a huge amount of China. leave i at that.

Xilinhot is mine anyways. even with China's surrender i still maintain control of that Area. its above Beijing and if occupation borders are being maintained then i have north/Central china and Canadian Territory is South-east. so Xilinhot is mine as well as the Fact i control it purely and that me and me alone took it.

You can have Xilinhot but no that isnt your territory. North/central arent two different areas of China, it means the top of CENTRAL China. It doesnt mean North-East or North-West, it means North



This is way to much for six months, all of the numbers need to be scaled back, including the number of troops, amount of minerals, etc. G greg e (talk)

Agreed the game has been rack with implausibility. calm down. there is absolutely no way you could even do that in 6 months.  Feudalplague (talk) 03:26, May 24, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry about that. I have changed it to the plan for the next three years. Please tell me if that is too much. I will not be able to sell my area until the plan is completed in both stages (roughly 4-5 turns). As of tonight I am in France with no Internet so I will only be able to post occasionally over the half turn

Consensus was that no armies over 2.5 million for the most part please reduce more, you may have alot of people but no country has the economy in OTL to support that many soldiers so what makes you think after an Apocalypse you can support that many Feudalplague (talk) 18:47, May 24, 2013 (UTC)

I am making the map, I don't know, or care what people claim to have taken, China is HUGE, I decide where it is split, so roman will probably have to change what he has as a 3 year plan


The Chinese are not going to have revolutionary tech, that is the USA, not China, area 51 all the way

Really? yall go after me for being able to peacefully create new cheap energy but You ignore the Alog and have 20 million troops to fight the Chinese. Cmon guys.

Hey, I looked this up- all of the Gerald R. Ford Aircraft carriers are being constructed at Norfolk Shipyards (Built by Newport News Shipbuilding), Virginia, and only 2 were complete as of 2018 (USS Gernald R. Ford: Commission Date-2016, John F. Kennedy: Launch date- 2018)  There are only 3 planned as of 2013, with the availability for up to ten.Daeseunglim (talk) 15:32, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

For the sake of the Game and the fact its ALT history its safe to say that they got moved, etc. if worst comes to worst then their Nimitz Carriers and that still isnt a bad deal.  and besides one carrier is completed around 2012 with major upgrades and work done on certain things in 2013, so at least one of them is plausible. for the other two the Keels were laid down thats about it, so as for the 3 carriers i have one operational and two that need to be built i think thats ok. Its not like im automatically giving myself three carriers that are full operational etc

Whoops, misread your post, I thought you said u got an additional 10 aircraft carriers.  My bad.Daeseunglim (talk) 15:43, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

Well from what ive built off of Conficated plans and what ive captured and upgraded i Do have 10 carriers. its just i didnt capture them all. i have the lincoln, the Ford, the Enteprise and the Kennedy, those are ths US ships i have and the Enteprise and Kennedy arent even close to done yet. but yeah i do have 10 grand total, its just that 2 of them dont work yet :P Feudalplague (talk) 16:01, May 25, 2013 (UTC)


@UK i hope you realize your entire nation and its best and brightest soldiers including lands you control are down to around 2 million. not 2 million a piece.. thats still kinda out of plausiblility range. If its something like all nations contribute too this 2 million man army then thats ok. (if thats what you meant and i misunderstood my bad)

Yes I do. Please underline the events whilst LMB and I are away as we cannot underline from our phones.

This is only true if this really happened. Otherwise strike it. The bits I have changed I cannot change as on my phone.

Well Canada and the SAU agreed on payment for quite a lot of their occupation zone, check the comments. 

New Map




No, I owned them in the Algorythm

It's the oil not the military you might own it but your not going to get as much out as you would pre apocalypse

I know but he put that we were directly stopped by radicals/tribes, despite the algorythm, I get that it will be lower production, but we did successfully annex the Middle East, that is all I am saying.

Its not just lower production, you went into the worlds most volatile area outside of Somalia. If the OTL Soviets and OTL US are having trouble so do you its logic. and im not talking lower production in general, its permanently low production. Alot of Oil fields were burned and were not stopped hence they burned out. Its a Standard procedure for the Middle east every time something happens. Look at the Iraq war and Desert storm. Regardless im not contesting you annexing it, but if OTL superpowers have issues in 2 countries.. imagine how it is with ALL OF THEM. regardless of you winning your not even close to walking out of the middle east without some serious issues

I know, but Crude Oil doesn't actually burn very well, so they would only need new rigs, also the OTL superpowers have to worry about the Geneva Convention and stuff, I don't.

They are all major allies

Even major allies can be unnerved, how do you think the Soviets maintained control of their own allies, Fear and intimidation

Surely Canada would be unnerved too then? The survivor states would be more allied than Canada and WFA, surely

You obviously dont understand the politics of the OTL US

I'm from the UK, and they would have bonded in the early year(s) of the fight with the US remnant, right?

Look at the Map, we annexed the whole thing, there are just rebels, it is ALL german.

Im also going to point out the Middle east thats left was the pretty crap part of it... i mean India seriously controls the majority of the Middle east and germany is more of bystander over there. No...we own it all, look at the map, they control a bit of it in the furthest east, we have all the Oil, and the major countries

No the you own one of the Major countries. the Saudis. India owns Pakistan and Iran two of the most militarily powerful countries in the Area as well as oil rich. You control what you control but its not a nice Juicy package like you wanted

Damn, I also invaded israel by mistake, oops, I own the meast bit that sticks out, isn't that were all the oil is? That is were all the Oil Wars are

Its the Oil wars for countries that are crazy Unstable. So Iraq couldnt hope to take out Iran so they attacked Kuwait and bam oil war. Iran, Libya, Egypt, and the Saudis have most of the Oil and Iraq has a decent amont too its just most of the Oil wars have taken place in Iraq Proper not really anywhere else. Most other wars are purely out of the Superpowers, or out of the hate that Israel gets regularly

I on't actually want the Oil, I just want to ransom it to other countries, like for example.. UK. Also, I want the desert for Solar power (on of my political parties is the Green Party)