Dumont Television Network (Dumont Network)

The Dumont television network was founded on June 28, 1942 it was the first American television network to premier. The Dumont television network began to become successful in the 1950s after their hit show cavalcade of stars won multiple television awards. In 1963 Lucille Ball her talk show years Lucy this is the first talkshow to be created. She became a media mogul had opened her first television studio in 1971. The popularity of Lucille Ball's talkshow maven networks even more successful. By 1968 Dumont was the second most watched network in the United States. In November 1977 NBC studios financially collapsed as a result of insider trading scandal committed by CEO Jedediah Johnson. The Dumont network eventually acquired NBC. Taking control all over all of NBC's assets television networks. This became the largest media merger until the Fox, ABC merger of 1993. By 2001 Dumont television network is most successful network shows in the United States. Dumont Corporation also became one of the largest television Corporation after the Disney Corporation. Dumont also opened a park in 2003 on the former site of Brooklyn which was destroyed in an accident airstrike in 2008. In 2021 Dumont television network purchase CNN Fox news and the Wall Street Journal. This became controversial because Dumont was quickly becoming a massive media conglomerate that control much of the world's media. In 2025 Dumont purchase the Disney Corporation for $85 billion the largest merger in media history. In 2028 Dumont was the largest television network Corporation in the United States. There successful lobbying also insured the antitrust laws would no longer apply to media conglomerates. In 2034 Dumont  the only of the top five networks still exists. in the 2040s Dumont introduces streaming service which quickly led to the collapse of Netflix. They also acquired  Netflix media library. By 2058 Dumont had almost complete control over American media. This became extremely controversial internationally however antitrust laws were so weekend in the 2040s that all attempts to break up Dumont failed.  In 2063 Dumont ceased all their television operations and moved on to exclusively online streaming.   this marked the end of traditional television media.

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