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Elizabeth Warren (June 22, 1949-August 23, 2034) was the 47th President of the United States from 2018-2024, the 49th Vice President of the United States from 2017-2018 under Bernie Sanders, and US Senator of Massachusetts from 2012-2017.

President of the United States

During her presidency she went forward with what Bernie would've done if he were still alive. She pushed a wealth tax through congress but failed to pass due to it being to high and that it would kill jobs. But she was able to pass her Universal Daycare act through congress with keeping the same tax hikes for the rich from Bernie's administration. She publicized labor unions, abolished the electoral college, and abolished ICE.

During her presidency she was well liked for improving education and passing Universal Daycare. But she was criticized for her failure to pass the DNA/ancestry test. She would run for a second term with Vice President Sherrod Brown as her running mate with the slogan "The Change for America" and would win against US Senator of Florida Marco Rubio and his running mate former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush in the 2020 election by the popular vote since she abolished the electoral college in early 2020 making her the first female to be elected President.

Second Term as President

During her second term she imposed term limits on the supreme court, senators, and representatives, made an executive order to make the wealthiest pay 70-75% of taxes, and abolished gender marrying. The political divisiveness increased dramatically due to only major cities determining that she would be President due to the electoral college being abolished. The economy crashed on November 21, 2021 that started the Second Great Recession which turned into the Second Great Depression on December 17, 2022 which many blamed President Warren, her wealth tax, raising the minimum wage to $22/hr. and Daycare for all act along with Bernie's policies such as the Medicare for all act, the College for all act, and the carbon tax. Her final approval rating was at 30%.

Post Presidency

After her presidency, she spent most of her retirement outside of Boston, Massachusetts thinking about what went wrong with her presidency implying that the job was too demanding that she couldn't handle it and regretting lying about her heritage. She and her husband Bruce Mann enjoyed time with their grandkids and doing leisure activities together. She died on August 23, 2034 from old age. She will be remembered as a mediocre president.