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2017 and afterwards

  • Scotland becomes independent in 2017.
  • 2019: 3 years later and 1,500 people killed on each side then in June its was the massacre of Liverpool witch was carry out by MKN & DRM by burning most of Liverpool and killing most of civilians, English army respond by bombing most of Warwickshire north of Rugby and the City of Rotherham. The Communist Party of Britannia creates the Communist Party of the monarchist Falklands, which is soon kicked out by the islanders.
  • 2020: Battle of Manchester in May begins. It leased 5 months and a combined death toll on each side is 4,500. Guildford becomes the new capital of the United Kingdom.
  • 2021: The royal family flees to the British Virgin Islands, which is still under English rule, as are the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands. The street artist Banksy was found spraying anti-communist masses which he has been doing since the war seared the trail and is nearly shot to death in Blackpool.
  • 2022: Battle of Stafford in May begins. It leased 6 months death toll on each side combined is 6,800.
  • 2023: Both parties push back the army to Oxford where the battle of the university happened it least 4 days, UK win. 500 died on the MKN & DRM 100 died on UK side,
  • October: The MKN & DRM gets weapons and ammo from Russia then the second battle of the university happened his time Marxist win.
  • November: Cornish nationalists and Liberals blow up the Taimar Bridge and try to set Cornwall up as an independent nation. A rebellion hits Cumbria declares independence from the United Kingdom a few days later. They ask Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Italy for help, but only Ireland and Dutch actually help them. 
  • December: Belgian, Dutch and Swiss peace keepers arrive in Cornwall and western Devon.
  • Wales becomes independent in 2037.

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