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  • July 26: The Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) is created.


  • May: Fox Film Corporation is founded.


  • May 26: The Un-American Activities Force is created.


  • Area 52 is created.


  • At the height of the Second World War, the Sierra Army Depot is erected. It is intended to be a storehouse of defensive ordnance. This weaponry will be used to defend the United States should Japan make a daring attack on the west coast.


  • August 6 and 9: The world's first use of Atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurs.
  • September 2: World War II officially ends as the Japanese sign surrender documents on the U.S.S. Missouri.
  • October 24: The United Nations is officially formed after diplomats from around the world signed teh U.N. Charter in the city of San Francisco.


  • April 12: The Canadian Intelligence Agency (CIA) is established.
  • June 19: The United States Department of Intelligence (USDI) is established.


  • The "West European Coal Community" is formed when France, West Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Italy enter into a mutual agreement to centralize the coal industries of the member states.


  • June 25: The Korean War begins as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea invades the Republic of Korea.
  • October 14: China invades Tibet, incorporating it into the People's Republic.


  • July 9: The United States Space Administration (USSA) is established.
  • July 27: An armistice agreement between the North and the South of Korea is reached, although during the talks, General MacArthur had enough, and ordered UN forces to push back the rest of the Communist forces out of Korea.
  • October 19: The United States Committee for Aeronautics (USCA) is dissolved.
  • October 29: The Chinese are pushed back across the border. The Communist government of North Korea is crushed, and the United Republic of Korea (URK) is established.