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UNDER CONSTRUCTION** Fatherland is an Alternate History Timeline that details the effects on an Axis Victory in WW2. Other divergences include the adding of Brain Cells on Mussolini. 


  • The German Advance successfully siezes the Caucasus, cutting off the Red Army from their oil supplies. The Soviets still will not surrender however, and the brutal fighting along the Ural Mountains rages on with the Soviets using guerilla tactics.


  • Hitler declares victory in Europe. Fighting continues to rage in the Pacific between the Americans and Japanese.


The Post-War world was changed forever. Eastern Russia had been transformed into Nazi Protectorates, and a guerilla war continues to rage on in the Ural Mountains against the Soviets, unwilling to even stomach the thought of surrendering to the Nazis. The Americans continue to support the Soviets with aid.

Britain has seen Edward VIII back on the throne along with Wallace Simpson as Queen. Princess Elizabeth and Winston Churchill were evacuated to Canada and continue to reside there. Canada and the united States still recognize Princess Elizabeth as the true heir to the throne.