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The Free City of Jerusalem is a sovereign city-state in the Middle East. Known for its tourist-attracting old city and pilgrimage villages and its grand city Leurs, Jerusalem has had a tense relationship with the other Arab nations.

Official Flag of Jerusalem



In 2028 after Israel refused the entry of Christian pilgrims, Pope Pius XIII called for a crusade against the State of Israel.

Russia, Cyprus, Malta, Eritrea, Greece and Austria answered the call, and by the turn of 2029, had a force stationed in Cyprus, ready for the invasion. On Feburary 12 and 13, the troops landed on the shores of Israeli, securing the supply line.

After the supply lines from Cyprus were secured, and the troops captured Heifa. Calvary division were sent east, where they captured Nazareth, while the main army travelled south along the coast, meeting the Israelis head on at the Battle of Tel Aviv Yafo, ending in a decisive victory.

Now that Israel had lost a significant battle, the Arab League saw fit to invade Israel again while they were weaker and distracted. The wars against Israel slowly turned into a land grab. 

Battle of Tel Aviv Yafo

The Christian general Dimitriv Kilatrop, realizing this, diverted his army straight to Jerusalem, their primary target and the historic Israeli capital. During the fight that ensured, the Israelis fought fiercely in the Battle of Jerusalem, and half of Jerusalem remained in ruins, save the Old City, which neither did Christian nor Israeli forces dare bomb or fight in.

By the time the Christian army won the 2033-35 Battle of Jerusalem, Arab forces had conquered southern Israeli, save the port city of Elias, which had been captured by the Eritrean navy. Now only the West Bank remained, and the Christian calvary divisions occupied the area in a matter of days, and by then, the war had officially been declared over with the last Israelis surrendering, the prime ministers and cabinent fleeing to the United States as a government-in-exile. With no Israeli officials left in the country, the Arab League and Christian alliance met in Cairo to discuss the peace treaty. The peace conferences nearly broke down, with tensions rising on the issue of Palestine, with  eventually, the powers came to an agreement:

Treaty of Cairo, 2037

  1. All areas occupied by the Christian forces will be formed into the Free City of Jerusalem.
  2. All areas occupied by the Arab League minus Syria will be incorporated into the Arab Republic of Palestine.
  3. All areas occupied by Syria will be annexed into the Syrian Republic.

Signed, September 19 2037.