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Gaia Lovecraft

Gaia Lovecraft was a famous American poet who was killed in the atomic bombing of San Francisco near the end of the second American Civil War. She was most known for lyric poetry that discussed the discussed issues revolving around the second American Civil War, gender equality and sci-fi. She has also known for her annual parody post-apocalyptic Christmas letters that she wrote every year. These letters prepared using the traditional Christmas letter that was extremely common in the 21st century prior to the popularization of online messaging programs and social media. Her most well-known post-apocalyptic Christmas letter was the one she wrote in 2019 there was all about the electromagnetic pulse deficit of the United States and forced her family to live in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Disney World. However, this home was not shared very often during the second American Civil War due to the fact that anthrax bomb was detonated in Disneyland on November 1, 2055, killing 25 people and leaves in the shutting down of the Disney World. She continues to be one of the United States' most popular poets from the second American Civil War era. A memorial library was also founded in Washington DC that was dedicated to her memory. The City Hall in California city formally San Francisco is also dedicated to her.

Origin of her name

Gaia's last name comes from the famous author HP Lovecraft who is known for bizarre fiction in the 1920s and 1930s. HP Lovecraft was extremely racist and sexist she was inspired by his writing style and believe that she could re-create his work in a more positive feminist context. Most literary critics in the 23rd century believed that her work is superior to HP Lovecraft and drastically eclipses her namesake. The people of the Providence literary Council were angered by this however they eventually made a formal apology to her family.