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  • The American Revolution ends as the United States of America wins their independence from the British Empire as a loose confederation of states. Problems begin to plague the USA, with constant fighting between the states in the Federal Government as well as occasional battlefield skirmishes.


  • The Continental Congress had enough. They decided that a king must rule the American States, though not an absolute monarchy, that was out of the question. Virginia championed George Washington, the Hero of the Revolution and first President of the United States. The Northern States dissagreed as they believed Virginia had too much power even without their statesman sitting on the throne. Other Americans nominated Christian Friedrich Karl Alexander of the German noble house of Hohenzollern, who was not unknown to the American People. Christian Friedrich was crowned King of the Americans, ruling alongside a Federal Government.


  • The 1848 Revolution in Austria is a success. The Danubian Federation rises from the ashes of the Austrian Empire.