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this was a holiday that was popular in the mid-21st century. This holiday reflected the early 21st century of a session with capitalism, sugar and scaring children. The holiday was abolished in North America in 2025 as a result of the global sugar shortage, the Halloween massacre of 2024 and the second Satanic panic of the early 2020s. The holiday was also abolished due to fears of peanut allergies the use of offensive costumes. debauchery of Halloween with the beginning of the dark path which resulted in the complete restriction of all non-Christian beliefs and the US government.

The beginning of the American dictatorship

the abolishing of this holiday was the beginning of the conservative revolution that shaped the United States and led to the deaths of millions of people. In 2026 the US government made illegal to celebrate the winter solstice. In 2027 the US government also banned any image of Santa Claus, reindeer or on the religious aspect of Christmas. In 2030 the United States government also banned the celebration of Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa and Hindu holidays. In 2031 rap music, punk rock, death metal, and grunge were banned by the commission of American decency. on January 1, 2036, the United States had a massive purge of horror movies, science fiction novels, fantasy and work deemed unchristian. in 2037 present Jared Kushner made Christianity the official religion of the United States and make FOXNews the official media outlet of the United States. In 2040 the US government led by Pres. Jefferson Beauregard deported 100,000 immigrants and abolished the 14th amendment. In 2044 Jefferson Beauregard became a dictator and abolished all other political parties. The Republican Party became the official party of the United States and there was a purge government officials.